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  1. mattlauder says:

    Awesome….. perfectly done and edited.

  2. see, I knew the guys would like it. Makes you want to play with the old train set again. This shot was a 6 image stitch. I like the perspective. the train looks powerful. Unfortunately they cant find a driver for it so it is rusting away. Cheers Matt.

  3. George Harris says:

    I like it Christian.

    I feel like a rock star groupie about to utter a sentence like this. Im a huge fan, have been for a long time. Ive spent an aweful amount on or your images and books and id love to know what equipment you use. I read in one of the books that there is a Bronica as well as a Canon by one of the other posts. Anything else? Im a budding amature and use your images as a yard stick of where I want to get to one day. Any advice? (now how is that for a groupie sentence.)



  4. Hi George, Thanks for the comments, I don’t mind being treated like a rock star. The cameras I have used most recently are the Fuji gx617 and the canon1Ds mark ll. I am mostly stitching digital these days as I feel I’m getting better results than film. Cheers

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