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  1. spoolphotography says:

    Very cool movie, the sound track is original?

  2. that was my brothers idea, not sure where he got the music from and who it is by.

  3. mattlauder says:

    Christian, that is excellent mate… love the camera work by your brother, very original and creative. Cant wait to see more. Looks like you two guys are having a lot of fun.

  4. yeah it is fun, Michael is getting into it. We may get some more footage this weekend at Boranup. Want to stitch another “uber” image!!!

  5. Dylan Fox says:

    that was awesome!
    600 meg! that is a big file! hope your computer can handle all that haha

  6. furrylittlefriend says:

    Yeah great video. It was vary inspirational and the soundtrack was awesome. I love the way your camera is shown at a medium opacity coming through the frame during the vid.

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