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Competition Time

31 Jan 2008 at 5:32am

y910dp.jpg  This weeks free giveaway is a signed 40″ unframed photograph of Yallingup beach valued at $425. Now last weeks post was too easy and it didn’t give everyone a chance to win. This time you need to answer a simple question, “where are my three galleries” Ring your answer through to the Dunsborough gallery on 08 9759 1555 and you have until Friday afternoon Perth time to enter. I will draw a name out of the hat and announce the winner on the blog.  Good luck

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Solar Panels

29 Jan 2008 at 3:44am

solar5.jpggreen grid power   This is a pic of the new solar panels that have been installed on my house. Just trying to cover some of the electricity we use in the gallery to light the pictures. This system will give us about 7 units a day but we hope to double this size as soon as I sell some more photos. So some of your money is going back into good projects like solar energy…….and a few bad projects like more boys toys!! If you need any info on getting your own solar panels speak to my mate Rainer at Green Grid Power. 

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Free, Free, Free

24 Jan 2008 at 12:59am

I have decided to give away some free stuff to my loyal bloggers. Each fortnight I am going to put a post on the blog advising of what is going to be given away, all you have to do is be tuned in on the right day and be the first person to call the gallery. Postage will only extend to people in Australia, any international people will have to pay up, sorry about that!! Ok the first person to call the Dunsborough gallery on 08 9759 1555 will get my new Karijini book, signed by me, lucky you, and valued at $1,000,000. Start ringing. 

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Hasselblad Masters

22 Jan 2008 at 5:39am

I submitted an entry to the Hasselblad Masters competition this year and just received an email saying I didn’t win but was a finalist. Before I go off bragging about it does anyone know how many finalists they have? Be funny if everyone was a finalist and I thought it was just me and a few others!! “hey i’m a finalist in the Hassleblad Masters comp……….yeah, you and everyone else tosser”

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Busselton Jetty

22 Jan 2008 at 5:26am

bj304dp.jpg  As a photographer I am always looking towards the sky. This photo of the Busselton Jetty I took last week. I was originally heading to Yallingup but it was completely clouded over. As it looked better towards Busselton I drove to the jetty to get a new shot. Luckily the sky was nice and managed this image. It was about 11 shots from memory at 50mm. The water was pretty hard to correct but it turned out ok. Not my best photo ever but nice colours.

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Polariser in the bin!

14 Jan 2008 at 9:20am

y701dp.jpg  I thought I might still need to use film for my blue water, blue sky shots but this image has put that thought to rest. I was concerned about the problems using polarisers and stitching so I took the thing off and used photoshop to bling up the blues. Just added more saturation and some black to the cyan and blues with a selective colour adjustment layer. I doubt anyone can say this would look better with film. Film is dead, good riddance !!

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14 Jan 2008 at 12:07am

rabbithillpjpg.jpg   This photo was taken a little whilst ago by a mate when we were flying at Yallingup. Haven’t taken any photos myself from the air as I’m usually trying hard not to die!! Paragliding is a great sport and if you are looking to get into it ring The WA Paragliding Academy on 0417776550. Let Jiri know you found him on my blog and he will look after you. Not sure if anyone saw the pic of me in the West Australian last week flying near the wind turbines in Albany but that is a classic example of how to make money selling stock photography. That image has been used about four times. I think it was taken by a staff  photographer for the West so he may not get paid each time it is used but if it was yours that is money for jam!!

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