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Polariser in the bin!

14 Jan 2008 at 9:20am

y701dp.jpg  I thought I might still need to use film for my blue water, blue sky shots but this image has put that thought to rest. I was concerned about the problems using polarisers and stitching so I took the thing off and used photoshop to bling up the blues. Just added more saturation and some black to the cyan and blues with a selective colour adjustment layer. I doubt anyone can say this would look better with film. Film is dead, good riddance !!

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  1. Kirk Hille says:

    Looks Great , Contrast is great even with our a polorise filter .
    Probally be a lot cheaper to shoot with out the film as well

  2. Dylan Fox says:

    i love these kind of shots!
    the blues that you get during the day with the white beaches really look like paradise.

  3. Hi Christian,

    Just spotted your blog, great to see you sharing your experiences and new images.
    Now I need to go through your archives and catch up 🙂

    Nice shot, which bay is it?

    I stopped using polarising filters a while ago because they don’t seem to work that well with wide angle lenses. Sometimes I miss the polarising effect on the water though.

    I find that Lightroom is a great tool for adding the “bling” back into the sky and water before moving over to Photoshop for the final touches and layer merging.

  4. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Hi Christian,

    I was out at Wonnerup on Sunday, wish I had my camera with my polariser, as the sand was really white, the shallow water a pale green and the deeper water a really dark green, would’ve looked great with a boat in it. It was the one time I left the camera at home though, typical.


  5. Beau says:

    Man, that is a nice shot. I saw some of your prints for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a gallery/store in Hilary’s Boat Harbour and they were sweet. Hopefully i’ll be able to start selling some of my photographs soon.

  6. Dave the bay is Yallingup, I do also add extra to the blues in Camera Raw too. Still thinking about getting Lightroom, may have to look into it more.

  7. Yes Jamie, never leave your camera at home!!
    Thanks for the comments Beau.

  8. Dave Catley says:

    I’ve had Lightroom since it was in beta and I haven’t looked back. The workflow is just soo much better having one program that catalogues and edits, not to mention the slideshow and other benefits too.

    Of course it’s not perfect, it can be a bit slow at times but that side of it is getting better with the patches.

    I still export everything to Photoshop for layer merges, shapening and printing but it beats Camera Raw and Bridge hands down.

  9. Thats a good point, didn’t think about using camera raw then bridge. It would be great doing that all in the one screen. thanks for the tip Dave.


  10. glassydeb says:

    That’s a beautiful photo.

  11. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Christian do you ‘really’ take your camera almost everywhere? 😉


  12. Dave Catley says:

    Doesn’t everyone ??

  13. not really Jamie, I did in the past, but now I shower without it!! 🙂

  14. Dylan Fox says:

    i know this was asked some time ago and i looked for it but i couldnt find the answer…
    what tripod head do you use?

  15. the 360 precision absolute

  16. Ric says:

    I love this shot! Just out of curiosity, what focal length and lens did you use?

    Very impressive!

  17. I used 50mm focal length.

  18. Dylan Fox says:

    i need to buy some new filters and i was just wondering what filters you would say are most important and those that you may pretty much always have glued to your lens?

  19. probably a uv, a neutral density, and a ND grad. sometimes I don’t use any filters, depends on how lazy I’m feeling.

  20. Dylan Fox says:

    haha true
    i just got a new lens so none of my old filters fitted it. with i got a UV just for protection.
    awesome ill probably find myself at PRA very soon giving them more of my cash!

  21. Dave Catley says:

    What make of filters and / or filter system do you use Christian?

  22. I own shares in PRA. Dave I use Lee filters and B&W.

  23. Dylan Fox says:

    i got the grad filter setup today, and used this arvo.
    its amazing that, that piece of glass can spunk up an image so much!
    I LOVE IT!!!

  24. You see, this is what we were trying to teach your little brother on the Escapade trip Christian, you dont need a polarizing filter! *cough cough*

  25. yes true Lar, I thought you guys just didn’t know what you were doing but it seems you were ahead of the 8 ball all along. I must remember to be impressed next time. 🙂

  26. Dave Catley says:

    What about the polarisers effect of elimiating water reflections, do you find you miss that at all?

  27. yes but to be honest I haven’t tested this for all situations. I just know that the above shot worked pretty well. I don’t think you have any other option when stitching blue skys. The polariser will cause problems. Maybe others may have a solution?

  28. Dave Catley says:

    I found that even with a wide angle lense the polaraiser gave very unnatural results, that’s why I stopped using mine.

    I think that if you are shooting away from the sun then the reflections are not such an issue and shooting towards the sun during the day would not generally produce good results so it may be that it’s not a problem for a alot of seascape shots.

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