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Hasselblad Masters

22 Jan 2008 at 5:39am

I submitted an entry to the Hasselblad Masters competition this year and just received an email saying I didn’t win but was a finalist. Before I go off bragging about it does anyone know how many finalists they have? Be funny if everyone was a finalist and I thought it was just me and a few others!! “hey i’m a finalist in the Hassleblad Masters comp……….yeah, you and everyone else tosser”

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  1. Dylan Fox says:

    i wouldnt have clue but in a comp at that level do you have to submit stuff or just give them your web page or what?
    i was a finalist in some yr 12 state award late last year but i still have know clue what spot i finished up in….

    well done anyway!

  2. Tom Parkes says:

    Hi Christian.
    Congratulations, you were one of 100 finalists according to their website. And there were 1700 photographer who each submitted 10 photos.
    “international jury, comprising the editors of five respected photographic magazines, selected the 10 winners from the 100 finalists”

    Well done, and keep up the great work.
    Cheers Tom

  3. Dave Catley says:

    Congratulations, from what I can gather on the Hasselblad web site there were over 1700 entrants, 100 finalists and 10 winners (one for each category). Sounds like you did pretty well 🙂

    Of coarse I may have got it wrong, here is where I read about it http://www.hasselbladusa.com/masters-winners-2008.aspx so you can check it out for yourself.

  4. Thanks guys for the info, in the top 100 sounds pretty good to me. It was fun to enter and really easy, just had to upload 10 images to their website. Luckily they opened it up to people using non Hasselblad cameras. I don’t think I can enter next year as I am mainly shooting with the 1ds. Oh well better enter the APPA’s then. I have only ever entered three competitions in my life, must say it’s great waiting around to find out how you did. My first comp I won, when I got up to collect my award they asked me if I would like to say a few words. I nearly crapped in my pants and said ahh, no thanks!!
    Have never got over that one!! The second I won all the categories and was banned from entering again, In fact I now donate a cash prize to the comp so I have basically paid all my winnings back!! and the third is this one, not scary, not costly and I get a nice certificate to hang in the pool room.

  5. Hi Chris, I got one of the ‘finalist’ emails too. I wonder who got the other 88?

  6. tom you have some great images, that one of the kangaroo is one of the best I have seen, nice one.

  7. Michael I think we have spoken before? Never forget your name, I guess you get people asking for a moon walk all the time. Love your photos mate, makes me want to do more B&W. I was talking to a couple of Welsh guys last week in the gallery and they told me how awesome your scenery is over there. your photos show it well. Congratulations too over your selection in the masters. I guess the other 88 are feeling pretty chuffed also!
    cheers mate

  8. Tom Parkes says:

    Thanks for the feedback Christian.
    Photographers such as yourself posting techniques and information has been invaluable for my learning of photography, other amateurs would agree.

    Keep up the great work. Cheers Tom

  9. Christian, if you ever saw me moonwalk in all my glory you would probably have to resist the temptation to throw up. I’m THAT good.

  10. ah come on surely it isn’t that bad, and you can do it with your clothes on if you like!

  11. What? You mean I don’t have to be nikked? why didn’t someone tell me sooner….

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