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  1. Dave Catley says:

    WOW, I bet that will catch a few eyes.

    Would that image count towards its limited edition print run total 😉

    Is the image already there or is it just photoshoped on?

  2. Beau says:

    Looks sweet, man. It’s another great way to get your name out there.

    I saw a Ken Duncan van while I was over at Byron Bay… didn’t actually see him though.

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    that looks awesome!!!
    how much did that set you back?

  4. Kirk Hille says:

    Looks great , The photo down the side will really make it stand out and get your name out there .

    Whats next some 20inch chrome rims lol

  5. James says:

    That looks awesome. Great airbrushing job.

    As kirk said, where are the rims?

  6. Tom Parkes says:

    Great concept.
    But I reckon go for the spinner rims, and to pimp it right up install lowrider suspension controlled by radio.

    Also Gallery locations and web address on the van are good additions.

    Good work.
    Cheer Tom

  7. merv french says:

    Might as well go the whole nine yards and put neons underneath

  8. Dylan Fox says:

    mate the problem now is that if im ever down south and see that van i will harass you to pull over haha
    yeah spinners and hydrolics will really make you stand out!

  9. thanks for the comments fellas, I have looked into the rims idea, still a bogan at heart but I think I’m getting a little old for it now. Lower suspension would also be cool. I think it will have to stay pretty standard, after all my wife may drive this around too and she definitely wouldn’t want a car that looks like it belongs to a 20 something surfer/ bogan!!!

    As for the image, I have only put this on with photoshop but it will look something like this when complete. As for the limited edition print being used, I’ll call that an artists proof!!

    The only thing about signing your car like this is you have to drive like a model citizen. Piss anyone off and they will know where to find you!! Luckily I have a twin brother and I can blame it on him. Keep an eye on the roads, I’ll be out there somewhere……….doing the speed limit!!

  10. mattlauder says:

    I’d also get some purple fluros mounted under the car as well…

    The pic on the van looks great and will be great advertising too. Ken over here has the same on a van but nothing as good as that.

  11. Nell says:

    Looks awesome!!! Much better than those magnet/stickers that you see on some cars!!! I must say though you wont be able to hide anymore!!!

  12. Old Kenny Duncan hey, didn’t they make that movie about him cleaning toilets?? If you see this Ken, just joking!!! Kens van might not look as good as mine but then he probably drives a BMW. I have to settle for a second hand Hiace. Please send more money so I can upgrade!!! As for hiding, I’ll just say “me, Christian Fletcher?… nah that pudknocker is getting around in a BMW.

  13. Dave Catley says:

    When I’m rich and famous I’ll send you a donation to your new BMW fund, might take a while though 😀

    Hopefully people will be so busy looking at your awesome van that they won’t notice how badly you drive it 😉

  14. yeah I’ll probably cause an accident, “not another Christian Fletcher photo, now there sticking them on cars……whats next? Red Dot!!!” Bang, crash, crunch.

  15. Dave Catley says:

    On the bright side, if the accident is big enough you may get your van on the news, more free advertising …

  16. now your talking!! might have to run a few red lights!!

  17. Dave Catley says:

    Ahh, now I’m starting to get some idea how your marketing campaign works!!

    Don’t they say “there’s no such thing as bad advertising” …

  18. Michelle Flynn says:

    it’s great! must agree with some sweet rims and a spoiler, and top it off with some erratic but safe *cough* driving and nobody will forget who you are, in a good way!

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