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Been a Little Busy

29 Feb 2008 at 3:18am

sorry but I have been flat out these past weeks and was in Perth yesterday. I didn’t know the magazine was out yet as I hadn’t looked in the newsagency. It turned out pretty well I think and thank Peter for putting me into one of his awesome mags.  There have been some fantastic skys in the past few days, hope you have been getting amongst it!!  I have been looking after the kids…….bummer.

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First Course Booked out

26 Feb 2008 at 12:16am

The 8th of March course is now fully booked, the next course will probably be early April so if you want to get on let me know as soon as the date is announced. There are only 10 spots available each time so keep an eye out. I should have worked out all the bugs on the first 10 victims so the second course will be the one to be on 🙂

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Peter Eastway

8 Feb 2008 at 1:09am

sugarloaf.jpg  Peter Eastway has updated some photos on his website. I believe he is one of Australias most creative photographers and his work inspires me more than any other. Don’t worry Pete I’m not getting stalkerish!! You are way too male and middle aged for my liking!!! I have asked Pete to be a guest blogger so here’s the plan. If you want to hear from him please visit his site, send him an email and tell him you want some of his tips on this blog. The more to do that the better the chance of getting him to do it. He is a busy man with several magazines he edits. If you haven’t seen Better Digital or Better Photoshop Techniques then you are missing out. Check him out, his work shows you what is capable with a bit of thought and a creative slant. Oh and buy his magazines, I do and they are full of great ideas. Oh and don’t forget to tell him what a great bloke I am!! The above photo is Pete’s new image of Sugarloaf Rock, love this shot, I’m so jealous!!!

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Great corporate Gift Boxes

8 Feb 2008 at 12:53am

j3240_-_logo_for_sending-small.jpg   Hey if you are looking for a great gift to give to clients have a look at Three Wishes This is a great business started by 3 sisters living in the South West. The best thing is you get one of my books in the hampers……ok it’s not the best thing but is still pretty good.Sharing the Magic of Margaret River….Exclusive Gift Collections from Three Wishes which showcase the Wine Food & Art from the Margaret River Region of Western Australia, are honoured to be aligned with Christian Fletcher to help promote this unique and beautiful area. Christian’s magnificent award winning “Landscape Book” and stunning “Boxed Picture Card Series” are just a couple of the delightful gifts that you have a choice of including when spoiling someone with an exquisitely packaged collection.With the ability to be sent anywhere in the world, a secure online ordering system and a guarantee to please, why wouldn’t you too want to share the Magic of Margaret River 

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Meelup Perfection

7 Feb 2008 at 5:17am

m290dp.jpg  How is this for a perfect day. Managed to drag myself away from the computer after looking up for a second and seeing the fluffy clouds all over the sky. That boat adds to the scene and if I can find who owns it I might have a sale. I took a shot of a small yacht in Esperance and I went up to the owner and told him about it. 6 months later he bought one, you have to make things happen sometimes. I also took some photos of Castle Bay and Eagle bay whilst I was at it. It was pretty hot and sweaty work but someone has to do it!! 9 image stitch with the 1ds and 50mm lens. No polariser just pure glass baby!!  

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