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  1. matthew inman says:

    Is it me, or is this one the same size as the last one??

    On another note, I visited the Mandurah Gallery today and the Jarrah Jacks print I saw there there is mind blowing. The detail
    you can see in the print is just awesome, film is dead, and I’ve only had a DSLR for a fortnight. I had a play in Mandie today but there wasn’t much visible outside the Gallery that is.

    Also, my Karijini book arrived this morning, can you pass my thanks to Trish fro the swift dispatch, and same to you for the autograph.

  2. for some reason wordpress is linking to the old small file not the new larger one. I’ll just email it to you Matthew. Yes the jarrah jacks 95 inch print is fantastic. That is the full file size no interpolation so you can see everything. Got to love digital. I don’t think I could have achieved such a print using film on the Fuji.
    Glad you got the book, next time your in one of my galleries ask for your free gift card!!

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    when you upload the image to your site overwrite the old file…
    (if you didnt try that.)

  4. did that but it still didn’t work oh well just one of those things

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