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  1. Dave Catley says:

    Life’s tough, I hope you can manage to struggle through another day 😆

  2. James says:

    Who asked about the clouds in the other image, i almost did but then decided not to.

    I think it must be the 1d that is giving your photos that look (if that makes any sense).

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    yeah you really should get out of dunsborough and come enjoy the hustle of perth.
    its very peaceful up here haha
    nah i love it

  4. Man, the sky in these two shots are perfect. I can’t wait to get down to your horrible area in the next few weeks.

  5. Dylan Fox says:

    hey mate i noticed a couple of your prints in the mandurah gallery were on metallic paper. i know they werent framed but if i remember correctly they were covered in some way…. i am trying to ask what is done to them instead of framing cause i wouldnt mind printing a shot like that.


  6. Matt Lauder says:

    Fletch these days shots are amazing. So razor sharp you could shave with them. Please don’t post anymore as I keep looking at my account and then at the misses and wonder if I should get a 1Ds Mark II set up and ride the fall out that she will rain upon me. I must say images like this are convincing me big time that dare I say it “Film is a thing of the past”

  7. Hi Matt, sorry mate I’ll promise to add a little soft focus and grain to make them look a little more filmy. Also I promise not to have them worked and framed within an hour of them being shot and promise to pay Fuji or Kodak a kickback as a way of saying sorry for not paying for film anymore 🙂

    Mate go for it get the 1ds, I’m loving it, except for filling the CF cards 10 times as fast. Sell the Linhof to get one, you will be able to get some good deals now the mark 3 is out. Go on you know you want to. And as for your partner, tell her it is a gift for Valentines day.

  8. Sean says:

    Damn! i finally get a good shot of castle bay and you ruin it by taking this piece of gold.

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