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Peter Eastway

8 Feb 2008 at 1:09am

sugarloaf.jpg  Peter Eastway has updated some photos on his website. I believe he is one of Australias most creative photographers and his work inspires me more than any other. Don’t worry Pete I’m not getting stalkerish!! You are way too male and middle aged for my liking!!! I have asked Pete to be a guest blogger so here’s the plan. If you want to hear from him please visit his site, send him an email and tell him you want some of his tips on this blog. The more to do that the better the chance of getting him to do it. He is a busy man with several magazines he edits. If you haven’t seen Better Digital or Better Photoshop Techniques then you are missing out. Check him out, his work shows you what is capable with a bit of thought and a creative slant. Oh and buy his magazines, I do and they are full of great ideas. Oh and don’t forget to tell him what a great bloke I am!! The above photo is Pete’s new image of Sugarloaf Rock, love this shot, I’m so jealous!!!

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  1. James says:

    Yeah thats a hot picture, better yet, what about a copy of one of his photoshop files or a screen shot of his layers.

    He has a video on his site which shows the changes from the original to the final image.

  2. It is all in his magazines, easy to follow steps of how he does it, it is great he shares it with people.

  3. I think Peter is absolutely wonderful.
    Signed: Peter’s Mum

  4. No he’s not. You don’t know him like I do!
    Signed: Peter’s real mum.

  5. Hey Christian, I forgot to tell you that’s you standing on the rocks in the foreground – where’s your tripod?

  6. tripod, I don’t need one, I use my natural talent.

  7. Dave Catley says:

    And here was I thinking that Peter would be a mature, sensible and authoritative figure that we could all look up to …

    But it turns out you’re just as mad as the rest of us 😆

    Anyway, I’ve done my bit and sent a an email to you Peter, so when do we get to read some of your exciting tips and tricks which will make us all into famous and wealthy photographers 😉

  8. James says:

    Why is Peter’s mum signed in as Peter Eastway ;).

    I have only brought one of those magazines. I think there was an article on using a digital back which I later found out costs as much as feeding a small african village for a year and never really brought another one. Perhaps I’ll have to have another look.

  9. yes make sure you do, Pete lives in a small African village, oh and by the way thats his boat in the photo of meelup 🙂 Actually its my boat and I was just letting him use it for the day. Actually both of us together couldn’t ever own that boat, poor struggling photographers. Pete uses the phase one back on a mamiya and loves it. I believe he now drives a 1978 model carolla.

  10. Will Ophuis says:

    lol, lovely shot! makes me want to head down south hehe.

  11. Dave Catley says:

    If Peter’s too busy to give us some cool tips here maybe we can convince his Mum to tell us some juicy gossip about him 😆

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