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  1. Dylan Fox says:

    albany is pretty bloody windy and cold as i remember!

  2. Donelle says:

    Thats a shame about the weather!! Hope you got something good out of it?!

  3. beaumitchell says:

    That’s one decent sized boulder! Yeah, Albany was really windy when I was there, too.

  4. Nigel Sparg says:

    Hi Killer, what intrests me is why you are using a Video camera? I know the wind can blow a bit. but I hope you wern’t expecting to see some movement of those little rocks ? :o)

  5. mate the video camera is to catch me in action, I know riveting stuff seeing me prance around like a rock star but hey someone will like it……………ok hopefully someone will. Just got my certificate from the Hasselblad Masters award. It seems I was in the top 10 in the landscape category. Not bad for a hack from Dunsborough!! Next year baby!!

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