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  1. Christian looks like your main site is down at present, well it is at least for me may want to check into it?


  2. thomasparkes says:

    Just to confirm I am experiencing the same problem.

  3. yeah the database went carputski last week and they are trying to fix it. Very annoying. I was wondering why the blog stats are down!! They will let me know when it is fixed.

  4. mattlauder says:

    It’s all good now… mine was down the other day for scheduled server maintenance and I was told via email it would be minor interruption… after 5 hours I called them and they said it would be another 7 hours.

  5. count me in for sure this time christian will be able to organise the time off work and will be there for sure cant wait . hope saturdays course went well with all the wild weather we had on the weekend.

  6. thomasparkes says:

    Hi All,
    Canon 5D MkII update on my blog http://thomasparkes.wordpress.com/

    Cheers Tom

  7. It’s a bit far, I’ll see if I can make it 🙂 Seriously, some day would we great if I could attend one of these courses.

  8. I’ll swing you a free ticket to Australia Flemming, but your course fee will be about $3K.

    Thanks for the link to the new 5d Tom.

    Coralle, you are in for the 10th of May, will send you some details soon.

  9. kirkhille says:

    Hey Christian ,
    Im in this time , doing the rosters this week so ill roster my self off for that weekend 🙂

  10. dylanfox says:

    Kirk you finally got the time off! You will love it mate!

  11. Donelle says:

    Sorry Christian, I yet again cant make it!!! I will be busy watching the V8 Supercars fight it out at Barbagello’s. I should get some good car action shots though!!!!

  12. Christian says:

    Sounds like more fun than one of my courses Donelle!! Have fun.

  13. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Donelle,

    If you want to get in for free and take some promo shots for a company I know I could probably line it up. They normally get someone to come in and take about an hour’s worth of their promo girls, then the rest of the day inside is yours.

    Jamie Paterson

  14. Donelle says:

    Thanks for that Jamie but I already have my tickets, my hubby gets them cheaper thru his work. I also am arranging for him to meet Dick Johnson again as he is a friend of my sister-in-laws brother!! My hubby got to meet him last year and this year I wanna meet him!!!

  15. Nigel Sparg says:

    hey Christain….where is this DVD you were promising? the on line course without the wine and nibblies for those who can’t make it to your courses???? Ill be there on October to shoot a wedding, but lifes going to be a rush.

  16. Hi Nige, Ask my brother, he can’t even get a 30 second podcast together. He spends too much time on holidays to do any REAL work. Better off coming to the course, will try and put one on for you when your back in October.

  17. $3K for a ticket, I assume it’s 1st class of course (or is it just a seat on the wing?) so that’s not too bad, sign me up 😀

  18. Christian says:

    actually it is in the baggage hold, Sorry it isn’t pressurized so you will have to hold your breath!! Take a warm blanket and a good book it is only 24 hours or so!!!

  19. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Woo Hoo. I’m heading down south to Dunsborough this weekend. I haven’t picked up the camera in almost two weeks as Mum had two strokes so I’ve been visiting her each night. I just can’t wait to get down there, I’m going to shoot everything in sight. 🙂

  20. Sounds like an episode of underbelly!!

  21. Christian says:

    sorry to hear about your mum Jamie

  22. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the concern. She got lucky, it just made me realise how little time I had been spending with her. I think we’re all guilty of that.

    I’m bringing the 1Ds MkIII down this weekend if you’re interested I can bring it into the gallery on Saturday for you to check it out. If not its cool as well. 🙂

  23. Angela Downing says:

    Interested in the course on 10th May however what is the cost and also what is the programme more or less.
    Please Advise
    Thank you
    Angela Downing – Mandurah Camera Club

  24. Hi Jamie, would love to see the mark 3. i may not be around though, we are talking about going to Bridgetown this weekend. Still if your in Dunsie call into the gallery, if I am in town the girls can ring me and I will come down. between 1 and 2 pm is good for me as the kids will be sleeping. cheers

  25. Angela the course is $250 for the night and this gives you all my secrets I have obtained over the past 17 years. We start at 7.30pm in the Dunsborough gallery and go till we all fall to sleep. I discuss everything from capture to fine art printing and everything you need to get the results I do. Let me know if you can make it, I have only 5 spots left now. Cheers

  26. Joan T says:

    HI Christian, I have just emailed you to get a spot on the course for May 10. waiting for the details etc.

  27. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Christian,

    Will do, will you give the girls in the gallery a heads up so that I don’t appear to be ‘another’ stalker? It looks like Neal is going to be down there at the same time. Anyway I will call into the gallery on Saturday and check.

  28. Yeap I’l be there, just called a mate asking if I could crash for a night or 2 …. Looking forward to using the new panoramic head that arrived this morning as well.

  29. hi joan I think I have one spot left. Will pencil you in but need to confirm when I get to work tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.

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