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Broome Video

30 Jul 2008 at 2:14pm

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hByBsn2iwH4] This is another vid put together by Michael. Some nice work by him, think he has some of my talent, he must have otherwise I’d have too much and my head would explode! BTW 6am in the morning on Cable Beach is reasonably cold this time of the year! Remember to watch these in HD on Youtube.

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Landscape Discovery

30 Jul 2008 at 9:39am

At last a guest post from Peter Eastway. He asked me to share this with you guys. He paid his posting fee of $1000 and signed a legally binding contract so here it is, enjoy!!

Hi Christian

I thought you might like to know that while you’ve been galavanting up north with Australia’s wonderful red earth and golden beaches, I’ve been freezing my buns over in New Zealand.

Each time I fly into Auckland, when we pass over the western coast I look down south and marvel at this long, straight BLACK beach. And each time I tell myself I have to get down there.

As it turns out, I was giving a four day workshop just south west of Auckland and only half an hour’s drive from the very same beach.

On my first trip out there, accompanied by three New Zealander friends, I was wondering if they were having a lend of me (remembering the time we bowled underarm in cricket no doubt). There were really black clouds up north and when I mentioned them, the reply was simply, “They can get blacker than that”. And they did. Five minutes later it poured! I mean, it wasn’t just rain – it was like walking into a shower turned on full bore! With in 10 seconds we were soaked through to the skin. I didn’t have time to open my camera bag and, if I did, I reckon it would have filled up with water. It was amazing.

Anyway, after thinking about it a little more, and looking at my three Kiwi friends who were just as soaked as me, I decided they weren’t having a lend of me after all and that we just got caught out.

Was I worried about the rain? No, because I was testing out a new Phase One 645 camera – it was a lender! On the other hand, the Phase One P45+ digital back was mine… My gear needed a little time to dry out in the hotel and but then it was back to work as normal!

On the second trip, the weather was much kinder and this is when I took this shot. You’d be proud of me because I stitched about 8 frames together, shot with a 28mm wide-angle. It’s amazing how well Photoshop puts the frames together these days, but of course it helps to have the camera on a tripod and both focus and exposure set to manual.

But what really makes it is the black sand underneath the water over the beach – it’s a pretty special place and one I hope to get back to sometime. Maybe we can make it a team event – just make sure we don’t let the Kiwis know what a great place they have!

Anyway, you’ll have to tell Tony about this because it got a Gold in the NSW AIPP Professional Photography Awards – just glad the Australian judges didn’t know where it was!



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Patterns in Nature Competition

30 Jul 2008 at 9:08am

In this photo, I took from the window of the 717 coming back from Broome, was a face that I noticed. If you can correctly identify who the famous person is or who I think it looks like I will give you a killer print from my collection. Send an email to me at christianfletcher@westnet.com.au. You have a week to enter.Start looking.

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Purnululu Sunrise

25 Jul 2008 at 2:26am

I had most mornings to myself. Possibly because it was so bloody cold. It warmed up quickly though so it wasn’t too bad. The Kimberley is very special when you have it to yourself. A little on the spooky side too, think Wolf Creek!! This big stitch had a few issues with the sky being a little banded, don’t know why. Never had the problem before. Cut out most of the sky and dropped in a gradient to hid it a little. A bit of Blurring here and there and it was fixed…….mostly! Oh and congratulations to Tony Hewitt, WA landscape photographer of the year and Peter Eastway, NSW Landscape photographer of the year. Something to aspire to.

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Echidna Chasm

22 Jul 2008 at 2:33am

Who needs to go to Arizona to get good “Canyon” shots. This place was fantastic. The small figures at the bottom of the image are my wife and daughter, gives you an idea of the scale. This was a three image stitch. Tried the dust in the air trick to add the beam. Wasn’t perfect but still better than without it.

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New Vid from Michael

20 Jul 2008 at 1:52pm

This is a video Michael put together of some flying he did over the cape a couple of weeks back. I didn’t complete my license, ran out of time and money, Michael got his, he doesn’t work as hard as me!, hence time to go flying and having fun! Don’t forget to double click and watch this in high def in youtube.

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It’s a Boy and a Girl

20 Jul 2008 at 1:18pm

If you didn’t already know, a hell of a nice bloke, Matt Lauder, you have all seen his blog, has recently become a father to twins. He hasn’t mentioned it yet so I hope it wasn’t to be a big secret till the baby photos started showing up. I think he will need a few beers posted to him over the coming months, that always seemed to work for me. Don’t worry about ringing him late at night, I have a feeling he will be awake! Congratulations Matt, welcome to fatherhood, your life will never be the same, nothing compares to your kids, not even a mark 3. Jamie will soon find out!

here is a pic of a frangipani, hope I spelt it right. Took it on the way into Chinatown. Getting into the b&w.

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