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Purnululu Sunrise

25 Jul 2008 at 2:26am

I had most mornings to myself. Possibly because it was so bloody cold. It warmed up quickly though so it wasn’t too bad. The Kimberley is very special when you have it to yourself. A little on the spooky side too, think Wolf Creek!! This big stitch had a few issues with the sky being a little banded, don’t know why. Never had the problem before. Cut out most of the sky and dropped in a gradient to hid it a little. A bit of Blurring here and there and it was fixed…….mostly! Oh and congratulations to Tony Hewitt, WA landscape photographer of the year and Peter Eastway, NSW Landscape photographer of the year. Something to aspire to.

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  1. merv french says:

    Welcome back Fletch. Have you adjusted to the cold and rain yet.

    P.S. Who is Tom Putt, is he a golfer???

  2. Haydn says:

    I prefer your style of photography over Tony Hewitt’s.

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice shot Fletch.
    Your gonna have a shot tonne of images to get through now!

  4. After seeing some of your recent images you’re giving me good reason to get back up North again Christian. Just received my new tripod and Manfrotto Pano Head this week so can’t wait to give it a serious work out.

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Nice images from up north Christian.
    Im looking forward to my holidays!!!

  6. Awesome shot and landscape, cannot wait to go there. Where is this shot from? Btw allow me to be a bit pedantric and ask: isn’t it spelled “Purnululu” ?

    Was the sky banded from top to bottom or sideways from the sun to the other side?

  7. Bugger, I knew the name didn’t look right, I can always count on you Flemming to iron out the important details! I have some editing to do!

    Haydn can you ring Tony and tell him!!

    Yes Merv he is a golfer or is that a caddie, can’t remember. All I know is he is “Putty” in a girls hands! As for the cold and rain the answer would be no!!!

    Get out there guys the Northwest is brilliant, be prepared for very cold nights though!

    Do you know it is almost as far to Kununurra from Perth as it is from Melbourne. Interesting fact!! No reason for others living in Aus not to go!

  8. Flemming the shot was from the top of a beehive on the way to Piccinniny gorge. You won’t miss it. The banding was vertical between each shot.

  9. Thanks CF, hope I find it 🙂 Weird with that banding, like you say never usually any problems with blending and stitching a sky (unless one left the polarizer on the lens!)

  10. Oh and I’m good at being an editor, always on the lookout for crooked horizons or creative spellng 😀

  11. kirkhille says:

    Stunning shot mate , Welcome back as well.
    Bet you goona be busy now with processing images and make us all jealous 😉

  12. Very cool shot Christian, love the foreground rock placement.

  13. James says:

    Oh man, stunning, I can actually feel that morning light, just before the sun comes up.

    I have taken to wearing thermal underwear in perth in the mornings and I’m warm all the time when shooting. Never thought I’d wear themals in Perth.

  14. Thermals are great been wearing them for the past 15 years never leave home without them in the winter months. I see no reason not to feel toasty 😉

  15. Haydn says:

    Do you have his number?

    Photography is such a personal thing. I prefer your style and work over his. If you mentioned ‘Tony Hewitt’ in my circle of friends no one knows that name. However you say Christian Fletcher, everybody knows your work.

    I am not trying to suck up here, its just my thoughts

  16. Nigel Sparg says:

    Tony Hewitt is a fantastic wedding Photogarpher, and a great public speaker. saw him in action at the feastervial of light a few years back. I didnt know he shot landscapes, but like most photogs they play a bit with everything dont they.

  17. Tom Putt says:

    Tony is a fantastic photographer Christian, not just weddings! He won WA Landscape Photographer recently…a top bloke with a heart of gold and a lovely family.

  18. Haydn says:

    He is a fantastic photographer, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer Christian’s work as a landscape photographer.

  19. Yes I call him Tony Tone and consider him a friend. He has helped me out a lot and got me to join the AIPP at long last. He has also talked me into speaking at the WA AIPP conference at Bunker Bay this year. That will be a bit scary! Hopefully everyone will be pissed as it is an after dinner thing! He does some magic stuff and his entries in the awards were stunning.

    Haydn you can suck up anytime 🙂

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