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  1. merv french says:

    Oh no …just when I thought great , we are going to see some fantastic shots of the north west,but no up comes a thingo from the ice age, least it’s not spitting acid or blood.

    I was hopeing to see your take on the camels walking along Cable Beach but that might be a bit too touristy for you .

  2. Is it a bird, is it a reptile?
    The more they learn the more they think warm blood, feathers and beaks. Imagine the dark meat on those legs slow roasting over a open cave fire YUMO!

    Cool drawing I like the center one, the third one looks like a fossil imbedded in granite just need to remove the eye and maybe a little detail and done you have a fossil print.

  3. Maybe we should start calling you Christian Darwin with these cool illustrations. I cant draw for shit 🙁

  4. kirkhille says:

    Nice drawing mate ,
    Great detail , So when are you publishing your first book on dinosaurs 😉

  5. Peter Hodgson says:

    The subject matter is obviously a personal thing but I would love to see how you achieved the end results with the centre drawing, it looks great and really highlights the detail in the picture.

  6. I love to draw this stuff. Christian Darwin sounds good Neal. “Fletch’s book of dino’s” will be on the shelves for christmas Kirk.
    Peter the center image was created by overlaying a rock texture in photoshop. I then adjusted this layer to change the colour etc. I then added a black layer on top and rubbed away parts to add shading to the form and make it more 3D.

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