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  1. I like it, desat overcast look goes well with this shot and as always very classy CF style photoshop work.
    Horizon…The earth would love it if the photo was rotated about 0,5 degrees counterclockwise then the ocean wouldn’t spill off the right edge 🙂

  2. James says:

    Ha, flemming is always looking at your horizon, he’s like a human spirit level.

    Nice foreground on the right.

    I don’t think your link worked for the link to the other image.

  3. merv french says:

    You know….I think Flemming’s correct, it does have a slight lean to the right ( you can talk people into anything).

    That sky looks like it could have had a bit of Fletcherisation.

    Geez can’t wait till I get a blog and everyone comment’s on my stuff.(LOL)

  4. thomasparkes says:

    I really like it.
    I love the vegetation colour, and the angle is great.
    Well done.

  5. Sean Stak says:

    Very nice! Love the sky!
    But… is it a panorama? didnt really comprehend that last sentence 🙂

    PS i got a blog! check it out

  6. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate ,
    Like the feel to it , nice placement of the lighthouse between the rocks .
    Trust Flemming to notice the horizon

  7. Ah shit, crooked again. I thought I had fixed this but remembered it was another similar image that I corrected. Flemming you are a human spirit level!!!

    Sean I took another shot, not a pano of this scene about a year ago. This one is a pano!

    Yeah Merv where is your blog!

  8. The Human Spirit Level…not the most useable superhero in the world but still, reckon I should get a suit?
    “So what can you do?”
    “Spot anything crooked even at a fraction of a degree”
    “What about things that are already straight?”
    “Ahh my work is done”.

    Jokes aside, Christian you’re very good at doing some very fine sharpening of small details giving them great texture. I hope a tutorial is coming someday and I can learn the secret!

  9. mattlauder says:

    Beautiful shot Fletch. Love the detail in this from foreground to background. I love the colour editing to it as well. Gives it a nice contrast.

  10. Sean Stak says:

    guh… why not just keep the crooked horizon? See what happens…

  11. Nigel Sparg says:

    with a crooked horizon, you keep the tide coming in…;o) Its a great shot, and yes I will be keen on learning how to Fletcherize my images.

  12. merv french says:

    Fletch my blog is ….ah,,,uhmmm…a work in progress…….not much work ,little progress.

    Going bush next week, for 10 days or so, I’ll get on to it when I get back….maybe.

    Gotta love the way Flemming spots the horizons,built in laser level, international man of mystery…… your work is never done Flemming.

  13. Dylan Fox says:

    Even when you think you straightened it in PS Flemming will tell you otherwise. Where would us crooked horizon photographers be without him?… Probably stuck with a bunch of crooked horizons is my guess…
    On the horizon it looks like there is a wave or something that kinda make the horizon look like it has a chunk missing.

    I really like this one Fletch! Great view of the lighthouse. I really like the way it just looks down through the foreground, but at the same time is subtle and blends with the clouds. The desat colours give a nice timeless look to this image and really enhance the idea of those rocks standing strong through storms.

    Good stuff!

  14. CF a good image – the lighthouse is there without being too obvious. I like the different viewpoint. “This print scores 80!”
    Of course you wouldn’t have crooked horizons if you still shot film!

  15. Tom Putt Legend, yeah but I did it for a reason, keeps the tide coming in as Nige said! An 80 is that a silver??

  16. Christian says:

    Dylan that is a great analysis of this pic, your even starting to sound like an artist! and yes there is a wave on the horizon.

  17. Yeah i love this too.
    Seems perfectly set up for a photo.
    Everything fits in so nicely.

  18. Rich says:

    I’m with merv on the blog front !! I went to Augusta a couple of weeks ago and now have plenty of over saturated panos of the lighthouse all of which I’m sure have crooked horizons!! Not sure I need you lot commenting on them … might try reworking them with a little less colour and giving Flemming a call as this shot is pretty damn amazing! I did get some great shots of some breeching whales on our boat trip though – I really recommend it!!

  19. Christian says:

    I think we all get a little heavy with the saturation at times Rch, I have to try and ween myself off it! It is addictive though!

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