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Broome Video

30 Jul 2008 at 2:14pm

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hByBsn2iwH4] This is another vid put together by Michael. Some nice work by him, think he has some of my talent, he must have otherwise I’d have too much and my head would explode! BTW 6am in the morning on Cable Beach is reasonably cold this time of the year! Remember to watch these in HD on Youtube.

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  1. Some gorgeous images Mike captured there and looks outstanding in HD on youtube. There’s a full moon, did you catch staircase to the moon while you were there?

    One question, why is James May from Top Gear shooting photos on Cable Beach????

  2. Dave Catley says:

    Awesome video Christian, aren’t you getting worried that Michael might have more talent than you 😯

    Broome is such a great place, I feel the need for some more “Broome Time” again soon.

    Love that bird flying out from the moon at the end, was that the original video capture or was a bit of tweaking applied to get the bird and moon together?

  3. Anne-Marie McCarthy says:

    LOL Flemming… but serious…
    Superb video creation. Well done Michael.
    Serene, Surreal & Sublime.
    I need a holiday! 🙂

  4. yes we were there for the stairway to the moon, got some pics. Funny hey, never new James May was into photography……….. you are definitely off the Christmas list “HSL”

    Anne-marie and Dave you have been warned, any more stirring of the great one will result in moderation!

  5. The great pretender says:

    Thanks for the kind words guy’s and gal. I cant give away to many secrets but let us say Christian isn’t the only Fletcher who knows how to use computers to achieve a result. It took me months to get that bird to fly in front of that moon ha ha!!!!

    I will be investing some of my own money soon on some new equipment as Christian wont cover part of the cost as I haven’t made one cent on the equipment I have so far. It’s tough starting out. May have to speak to the WA Tourism commission to get some of that 50 Mill there spending to get Bazza Lurhman to do some adds for them.

  6. Anne-Marie McCarthy says:

    Just one more from me – no stirring, I promise!

    Its just a shame that WA Tourism doesn’t give talents such as yourself and Christian’s a go before spending 50 million on a Baz production. I’m quite certain the ‘average
    traveller’ is far more drawn to the way you both reflect Australia’s natural beauty to the public.
    I know which creations would entice me to our country and those are yours!

    Good luck with your future projects.

  7. merv french says:

    Ah ha…I knew the camels would figure somewhere, just waiting to see your pics of them Fletch.

    Nice vid …love the music.

    Hey Flemming that can’t be James May, they’re moving to slow for it to be him.

  8. Thanks Anne-Marie that is a big call but we are up for the challenge! We only want 20 million to do it!!
    Sorry Merv I didn’t take pics of the camels, the music is by Mogwai. They are scottish and very cool, check them out on itunes.

  9. Sean Stak says:

    How old is this Michael bloke anyway? tell him this video is awesome. real great footage in there.
    And why is James May in there? with your camera? Dropping his remote shutter carelessly (like i do)
    to swing down and hit one of the tripods legs. For Shame! 🙂

  10. Mike Fletcher says:

    This Michael bloke is a sprightly 42 well that is until next Sunday 10th August when he gets just a little older. Coincidentally he shares it with another bloke. No guess for working out who that may be. Let me say he’s full of it, but I guess being pretty good does that to you.

    I don’t know if you really think that was James May in my shot Sean but it’s actually Christian and he has never respected any of his equipment. Unfortunately he looks a bit like me so that must mean there are three of us. Last time we where out Christian dunked his remote in the ocean, then there was the time he dropped a $ 600 filter at the Grampians in Victoria which put him out of action for about three months and then there was the time I dropped our 20D with a 70 to 200 attached and then there was the time Christian dropped a brand new 1dsmk2 with 24 to 70 attached snapping the lens in half and almost losing it over the side of a boat…..do you want me to go on.

    Haven’t dropped my video camera yet but its coming you can count on it. Glad you liked the vid. I’m planning on getting better (I hope).

  11. Sean Stak says:

    ouch. Thats a long list. And droppin’ the MK2! far out!
    Oh well, you gotta own it to brake it. Its Part of (Cough) life…
    Just in case you think im a moron, i know thats Christian in the film. But if you watch Top gear you will think what i thought!

    PS. All iv ever done is drop a 400d get a bit of dust in a 18mm kit
    lens (RRP of $80!!). Oh! and i dropped a tripod over the waterfall chute in Hancock Gorge and watched it smash! Ouch!
    Happy Bday in ten days time! mine’s in 7 days!

  12. Mike Fletcher says:

    Your not living up to your name (stak). Excuse me for asking did you invent the bike helmet. Sorry for that but I am known to be a bit of a shit stirrer. You can send the present c/- the Dunsborough gallery. HaPe b’day for the 7th.

    On a sincere note thanks for the wrap. I’ll try and make the next one even better.

    Have a good weekend.

  13. Donelle says:

    Awesome video Mike, I too love the music and just the general feel of it!! Must be something crafty about us Leo’s hey!! My b’day is the same day as the olympic’s start!!! I feel like the whole world is counting down till Im 30 (just kidding)
    Anyway happy bday to you and Christian for the 10th!!!

  14. my sons birthday is on the 8th too Donelle. Go the leos!!

  15. Sean Stak says:

    Look, you self caller shit stirrer, my name isnt really Stak. Thats my online name. I was once contacted you see…

    Well, my presents on its way. Remember to stand in the rain all week to direct the 8 meter wide load truck driver into the parking lot.

  16. George says:

    Gday Christian. What lens are you using in the video? A 100-400? Is this a lens you use a lot or do you have a few different ones? Thanks George

  17. yes George, it is the 100-400. I use it every now and then. The header image was taken with it. I mostly use the 50mm but am looking to buy the 85mm.

  18. Christian, do you shoot panos at wide angle, say 17 or 24mm as well or is the 50mm the widest you go? Sometimes I want all the sky I can get so I shoot at 17mm but usually try and keep it around 28-35mm at minimum to avoid too much barrel distortion.

  19. Flemming I only shoot with the 50mm these days. Did use the 24mm in the past but it was too distorted for my liking. I also wanted to stitch more shots to get the better resolution. If I want more sky I just do two rows. I want to try the 85mm, I think that will be great for stitching. Also keen to get the 400mm f5.6 as this would be great for stitching I think. The header was done at about 300mm ish on the 100-400mm lens.

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