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Gibb River Road done and Dusty!

6 Jul 2008 at 11:56am

Hi all, how good is this, free internet access at the caravan park we are staying at in Kununurra. You are supposed to pay but I don’t think they no about passwords etc! Sweeeet!! I have so missed my internet! Well we have made it across the gibb and are shaking out the dust in Kununurra for a few days before heading to the Bungles. Some great times and locations, the best being El Questro and Bell Gorge. Hopefully have some good shots to work when I get home. My laptop is full already so working any images before I get home isn’t going to happen. Will try and answer all posts over the next couple of days. Oh BTW it has been around 30 degrees every day, bummer!!!!

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