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  1. How they do that is amazing and scary at the same time. I read a news article on it last week but never thought is was that clear a picture.

    The article stated privacy laws etc as some images are said to be of people in their homes through windows or in their backyard or people at work or where they may not should be. Scary stuff that google can just do things like this. If a government in the free world (who knows what goes on in places like China, North Korea etc)had done the situation would be vastly different.

    What is next?

  2. Sean Stak says:

    I know… it is scary. On my street in every frame our car is driving out of the driveway! Randoms will see my crap haircut!
    Your gallery doesn’t look crappy… its awesome! (except for the shop next to it).

  3. James says:

    Hey, what was the peter putt thing? Showed up in my RSS reader but not on your site.

  4. mattlauder says:

    Mate at least your not out the front in your undies like some poor bastard is in a pic they showed on the news over here. Very nice and slick looking building.

    My google maps shot has my busted Jeep parked on the street and a skip bin in my driveway.

    Whats being built across the road from you. I think the maps thing is amazing but I think it is going a bit far. As an Ex copper I can picture all these sick units and crooks using the facility to plan crimes.

  5. kirkhille says:

    Yeah the maps pretty amazing can scout out locations for photo shots better now , but can also see the down side as Matt was saying that a bunch of people will use it for the wrong purposes

  6. Yes, I know where all of you live now and what gear you have, might do the rounds and collect me some hot equipment. First stop Jamies place!!!

  7. James, that was just a glitch in the system. To get all the details send an email to Tom Putt.

  8. Back away from Jamies place I have dibs.

  9. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Mmmm I think I might have to up my insurance the way you guys are talking. Neal is that why you and Kirk bought so much wine around the other night?

  10. Christian says:

    I would be sleeping with the mark 3 Jamie!!!!!

  11. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    I already do. 😉 Melissa isn’t happy.

  12. Yeah the red wine did not work, we where hoping it would make you sleepy, kinda like the Seinfeld episode where he feeds his girlfriend turkey and red wine to make her fall asleep so he could break out the toys. Instead it made me sleepy 🙁

  13. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Okay so now I’m getting paranoid, next thing you know Christian will be inviting me to a ‘secret’ spot down south where apparently I’ll slip on a rock and fall in the ocean. 😉

  14. Christian says:

    Jamie, I have found this really cool secret spot, come and check it out.

  15. I think I know that spot 😉

  16. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Oh sure Christian no problems. Should I bring my camera with me?

    Neal you had your chance last weekend when I left my camera unattended with you and Kirk for at least 5mins.

  17. Where just nice guys I guess, plus did not fancy running up that hill, I figured there would have to be an easier way.

  18. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Next time I’m parking in the bottom carpark. That hill is damn steep, the view is worth it though.

  19. Sean Stak says:

    Whilst you guys have been yabbering on about stealing each others equipment i have successfully raided all of your houses, all thanks to Google maps.

    …Be scared… :):):)

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