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Two spots left for the 6th of September workshop

26 Aug 2008 at 8:29am

If you want to know what it is I do with my time come along to the next course. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and actually fun. If you can put up with me rabbiting on about pixels and prints this is for you. If you are unsure just ask others who have been to previous courses on this blog. I have paid them all to say nice things about me!!!

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  1. dylanfox says:

    Still waiting for that $200 rebate!

  2. Tom Putt says:

    Love the artwork for the workshop CF – well done! Do you do that???

  3. Tom Putt says:

    I know many a lady who would like to spend a evening with you Christian but it wouldn’t be pixels and prints they’d be after!!!

  4. Bekka says:

    It seems that I am destined never to attend *sniff*.

    *Insert sob story about getting ill and using up time off work*

    Maybe next time 🙁

    PS – I’m happy to say nice things about you, as long as you pay me with a nice print for the new house 😉

  5. Hazel says:

    I would love to attend but I have a job on the 7th and need to be in Perth. I look forward to future dates and being there!!!

  6. Nigel Sparg says:

    Hey Christian, did you get my email that Im down on the 18th October for a wedding shoot, are you going to have one of your courses around that time that I can attend. 15th to the 22nd October.

  7. Anne-Marie McCarthy says:

    Love the overall graphic design to this flyer. It’s gorgeous! Hope to attend a course one day …

  8. Yes I designed the flyer Tom, what would the girls be after mate ?? ……. I know your phone number!

    Bekka, I might have some old prints lying around, may have a few holes in them though.

    Hazel, might be running one on the 27th but will let you know.

    Nige I did, sorry I have been under the pump. I might be able to run something on the night of the 19th. Would that suit you? I will need to try and get some other people to attend but being on a Sunday it may make it difficult. I will have to put that date out there to see what happens.

  9. Nigel Sparg says:

    19th might be a bit tight after the wedding, but could do. 20th may be better. but would like to do something before flying out again on the 22nd. cannot afford to take advantage od seeing you while Im down.

  10. Nigel Sparg says:

    Oh by the way! Im also getting married tomorrow. I’ll be a kept man, so I can spend time on my photography like you do….!;O)

  11. Bekka says:

    Grats Nigel!!!

    As for the print Christian, does that include postage – after everything we need to get done, it’s going to be a while til we can afford to get back down home. Mind you, looks like we can stretch to the solar panels after all!!!!!! (hopefully)

    How bout I get hubby to just buy me a 40″ for my b/day 😀

  12. Nigel Sparg says:

    40″ that may be too much to handle. Bekka you are a worrie.

  13. Bekka says:

    Better too much than not enough – besides, I’m worth it 🙂

  14. Bekka says:

    Hey Christian – what’s going on with the website? I can’t access it from work or home 🙁

  15. Works fine from here Bekka, maybe you have a routing issue with your isp right now?

  16. Bekka says:

    Not sure – had a look from 2 or 3 different profiles at work, as well as looking at home, it just doesn’t love me anymore 🙁

    I know work haven’t blocked it, as my manager likes to check it occasionally to see what’s new (haven’t owned up about the blog – not that silly :D) but even he couldn’t get on today.

  17. Lisa says:

    heya Christian, I’m keen to fill one of those spots
    (I left you an email earlier)


  18. Bekka says:

    You know that you’ve made it in the world when you have a Facebook appreciation group 😀


  19. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Christian,

    I still love that shot of those rocks. Was there an outboard motor lying around down there when you took the shot? There was one sitting down there when I went there and when Neal and I went there. Thought it might be a local feature.

    Jamie Paterson

  20. I have seen that motor, can’t remember if it was there on that shoot though.

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