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Monsanto Mother F@#$

28 Nov 2008 at 8:14am

I tried to send Monsanto a message to let them know just how I felt about their company and there is a box that you can uncheck to say you don’t want your personal details shared with others. This is how evil this company is, it won’t let you send them a message unless you consent to letting them share your personal details. Everyone should know about these guys.

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GM Food

28 Nov 2008 at 3:33am

yk100pFor the first time, genetically modified (GM) food crops are being grown in Australia, posing potential risks to the environment and human health. However, there is currently no way for shoppers to ensure that their groceries are GM free, as labelling is not required for most products containing GM ingredients. Australians want GM food labelled for health, environmental and ethical reasons.

The Federal Government has so far failed to deliver on its policy commitments. Last year the Federal ALP promised not to approve the release of GM crops unless they could be proven safe “beyond reasonable doubt”. The ALP’s National conference last year also supported the “comprehensive labelling of genetically modified food”.

Canola is used in many foods and in animal feed. With NSW and Victoria now allowing GM canola to be commercially grown for the first time, the Federal Government needs to deliver on these promises urgently.

I urge everyone who visits this blog to take 30 seconds to fill out the on-line petition here . We need to do this for our own reasons but to have our rights taken away by the government is F@#k’n wrong. If you don’t mind eating GM food that is fine but sign it as a protest to the government for them deciding what is best for you. Scumbag politicians, only thinking about money again! Lets let them know what we really think of their policies.

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True North Ashore

25 Nov 2008 at 6:39am

tn-poster This is a photo I took last night of the new concept to compliment the True North cruises. You can rent this luxurious pad for $10,000 per week. Next time you guys come down to shoot some pics you have somewhere to stay. I have to say it is pretty impressive inside with a creek flowing through the centre of the house, a spa and sauna, Jahroc furniture and even some Ken Duncan photos on the walls. Will have to get them changed to CF’s after my trip to the Kimberley coast. Oh and by the way, if your wondering, I have bought shares in True North!!!……………………. just kidding.

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Trip to the Zoo

25 Nov 2008 at 6:12am

rhino When I was in Perth a few weeks back I had time to take the kids to the Zoo. I guess you will be seeing more animals over the coming weeks, no sheep though. 400mm handheld still nice and sharp. Its a great place to get pics and entertain the kids. Poor animals though having 3 to 5 year olds teasing them all day every day.!

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Workshop in the home of my ancestors

22 Nov 2008 at 10:46pm

_kj33566 The Rockingham workshop was held last night and was a great success. My relations were actually the first settlers in Rockingham, The Hymus, Bells and Days. No convicts there I think!! The night went well and we were looked after by Kingsley, Jacob and Kelly from PhotoCoffee. Thanks guys for the great coffees and cakes. If you are ever in Rockingham you need to call in and have a look at what they have done there. It is a great concept they have created and the place was buzzing! Thanks to all who came to the night, even the Nikon users!! It was one of my best groups and I enjoyed the company. Remember if you have any questions please ask. Special thanks to Kingsley for the awesome accommodation and venue for the course. Lets do it again soon mate! Cheers

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True North Dates

21 Nov 2008 at 4:42am

We have arranged a couple of dates for the trip on True North next year.
Cruise 13a 29 August– 5 September Broome – Hunter River – Explorer, River & Ocean cabins available
Cruise 13b 5 September – 11 September Hunter River – Wyndham – Explorer, River & Ocean cabins available. Go to the True North Website to get the details on cost. I should have a proper ad to post soon but just in case you want to start saving now for a once in a lifetime trip. My tuition is free once you have paid your fare. I come cheap as you all know!!

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Get Forked

20 Nov 2008 at 2:03am

gf I must say last night was fun. The sky was fantastic and I thought I would head to Wyadup rocks to get a good sunset. Unfortunately I put myself in the way of a huge thundercloud. I was miles from the car looking at this cloud heading my way, mint!! I saw a small strike of lightning, great, might jag one in the shot. I got set up took a few pics then whack!!! I massive blot came down in front of me! Hmm, do I stand still with the metal tripod and get the shot of the century or bolt……………… ok I bolted!! I didn’t look back but could see the ground in front of me light up with each strike. Lets just say a quarter of a mile record was broken getting back to the car. After retreating to the safety of Smiths Beach I shot back to Wyadup and watched all hell break loose. That bolt was just about where I was standing I think. They say only the good die young so you can imagine how scared I was. One shot on the 16-35mm that was wet!!

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True North Photography Workshop

17 Nov 2008 at 3:05am

port_side_with_heli_in_king_george_lg I have been lucky enough to be offered to run a course or two on True North this Winter up in the Kimberley. What I need to know is how many people are interested in joining me. All you need to do is pay for your fare and the rest is up to me to make sure you come away with the knowledge you need to produce stunning photos. A cruise on this boat is a once in a lifetime opportunity why not make it a learning trip as well. There are over 14 cruises on offer some being full already, we just need to know who might come so we can lock in a date. Let me know asap your thoughts. Cheers

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