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  1. merv french says:

    I like it but not quite as much as the others though, so I guess it’s still a yep.

  2. James says:

    Oh no that TNFP filter has reared its head again!

    Thanks for all the posts with the new camera.

  3. mel says:

    Love all these new images they are really cool.Keep them up i really like them.Looks like we all need to bump up that ISO and get outside in the dark.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Nice image again Christian ,
    be nice Mel but most camera will come images will come out to noisy at the higher ISO settings . You could just keep the shutter open for an hour or two but 🙂

  5. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    The catamaran and this one are my faovourites so far but then again its because I love boata and dark moody scences.

    Just think Christian in about two weeks time that spot will be packed with boats.

  6. Dylan Fox says:

    God damn these are all great!
    if i put the 400d at iso200 im in the shit!
    I would love to try some night shots cause these are brilliant.
    Mind you here in the city all the clouds glow red at night and are nice and white like these!

  7. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Nice article Christian. You kept that one quite. 😉 I loved you comment about the tent not have an automatic mode. hehe.

  8. matthewinman says:

    Dark is working for me, less surreal! These night shots at high ISO are amazing, I think we’ll see a resurgence in photos by night at this rate:) When are you going to reveal what the TNFP is all about, it’s been a while? Truly Narley F? P?

  9. looks fantastic.
    think this is my fav so far.
    i really like the boat on the horizon with the bit of light behind it.
    still can’t see too well at this size but would be very nice in print i imagine.

    you getting any sleep down there?? 😛

  10. Sean Stak says:

    Yea whats this TNFP thing all about? Nice shot… i hate to say how much i like the “dark side”.

  11. Jules says:

    Beautiful Image! Okay well I shared my little secret with you and now its your turn Mr Fletcher…what IS TNFP ??

  12. Peter Ng says:

    I find it quite amazing the leaps and bounds that digital has progressed in the last 2-3 years. I got into digital 3 years ago with D200. Almost switched to Canon but the 5D was 2 grand more expensive so I spent the money on a new Nikon lens.

    I upgraded to D700 3 weeks ago having thought long and hard of switching to a Canon with the 5D2 but it was also more expensive so I got the Nikon and new 50 1.4 lens instead. I am so amazed by the low light ability of the new sensors. I can literally take shots in the dark. ISO 4000 with the grain of iso 800 film. The dynamic range is also very impressive. You have to stuff the exposure pretty bad to not be able to recover highlights or blocked shadows. Whoever said that equipment is not important is kidding themselves.

    Great night shots. Do you know the Nikons have an in camera function to keep the horizon level.

  13. Antony Spencer says:

    Nice shot Christian.
    I love the new 5d pics, cant wait to get mine in a couple of weeks. some stores here in the u.k have a full prepaid waiting list of over 500 people on that camera.
    Also have you tried any of the new zeiss lenses in canon mount?
    I had been using the 50mm 1.4 on a idsiii and it absolutely hammers the canon 1.2l for sharpness, contrast and amazing detail in the edges where the canon really looses detail. Just ordered the 85 1.4 also
    Might be worth a look if you can try one somehow?

  14. matthewinman says:

    Congratulations on your article in Better Photography Magazine! It’s out now folks, just in time for Christmas.

  15. Hazel says:

    Any darker and it would of been rubbish………only joking. Lovely shot although I keep looking at the boat on the bottom right hand side.

  16. Christian had an article in Better photography a while ago? he has another? oh now thats just too much! haha will pick up a copy as I always do 🙂

  17. Tony Middleton says:

    fantastic images and experimentation Christian ! It’s a fantastic camera – I got my mkII about 10days ago as well and look forward to more playing about with it as well. 🙂

  18. thanks for all the comments. Well guys the TNFP filter is something Matt Galligan and myself came up with a couple of years ago. It stands for ” Thats Not F@#k’n Possible” filter. Some people call it the APPA filter where an image is darkened and desaturated to the point of being “arty” !!! Sorry it is all BS.

  19. Hazel says:

    Funny and very true. Have you heard of the IRTTHF too?

  20. No whats that one Hazel.

  21. Jack says:

    can you buy TNFP filters?

  22. Hazel says:

    I cant tell you Christian members of the establishment would have me dragged from my mac gagged and bound never to speak of the same again.

  23. Christian says:

    Jack I’ll sell you one!!

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