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956 hits in one day thanks to the 5D Mark II

11 Dec 2008 at 2:42am

3200-boats This is another pic from a couple of nights ago. The stats on this pic are:- f/1.6, 0.6 sec, 3200 iso. Image was taken at 9.22pm. Had to run some Noise Ninja over it to make it useable but it responded pretty well. I would like to see how something like this would print, will have to do some tests. 956 hits in one day, I was so hoping it would get to 1000 but that will be something to look forward to over the coming months. All thanks to the interest in the new 5D and you guys for having a look at what it can do. Keep an eye out for more new stuff. Michael is working on some video as I type, he is a bit slower than me to get onto stuff, have to keep asking him, “where’s the footage”. You can imagine what he tells me to do! Can’t post it as little kids like Stakky are tuning in!

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  1. kirkhille says:

    Congrats on 950 hits in a day , most i ever had was around 450 .
    Loving these night images , wouldnt have even knowen these were night shots unless you told us

  2. Brett says:

    sorry, I could have helped push the number up, but my RSS feed notification didn’t come through until this morning 😐

    gotta say I’m liking that camera. Lots of plusses there I can see, although for me there’s still too big a cost in moving from where I am today (the N word) because I’d have to replace the camera AND the glass…..

    Oh, and did I mention that I like all the shots too? No? Well, as usual CF, the shots are great.

  3. merv french says:

    I can’t believe that is taken at that time of the night….unreal.

    Another yep cause it’s my kinda image again

  4. Loving these latest shots! the tones this thing produces look amazing.

  5. another beauty.
    pretty amazing what this camera can do to the night!

  6. Sean Stak says:

    yeah just imagine what this blog would be like without PG ratings for me! Nice shot.

  7. Nigel Sparg says:

    Another fantastic shot, only 956 hits, a few of mine have reacghed 3958 hits, mind you the image had a few more curves and exciting leading lines.

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