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Better Photography Magazine

16 Dec 2008 at 6:27am

magazine For those of you wanting a magazine full of great tips and tricks, not to mention some mint photographers, check out the summer edition of Better Photography Magazine. Ok when I talked about mint photographers I was referring to myself!!! There are a couple of other dodgy shooters in there too like Tom “Tommy” Putt (the prettiest man in his own lunchbox) and Matt Lauder (who makes Tom Putt look like Elmer Fudd). This is Peter Eastways magazine if you didn’t already know, probably the second greatest photographer to ever walk the planet! Who is the greatest I hear you say? Well work it out people, it isn’t rocket science………………..!!! 🙂

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  1. I’m a subscriber of Peter’s brilliant mag so look forward to reading your article Christian! But…”hard to put up a tent and scared of the dark”…bloody city boy 😀

  2. Only Photography Magazine I buy, love it, text is too small to read on my screen! scared to put tent up in the dark haha, im camping stirling ranges this weekend havnt camped in a tent before with only me and someone else, Look forward to reading your article!

  3. lukeaustin says:

    Definitely the “Better Photography” magazine out of all those sitting on the shelf at the newsagent. I always hang out for it. Checked the shelf for it the other day, not in yet 🙁

  4. mate I live in the country, Dunsborough is so remote you need to drive to the shops. Mostly in X5’s, Q7’s and XC90’s. Oh darling this is as tough as it gets.

    Good luck camping Will, keep the tent zipped up!

    It is a brilliant mag Luke. Spoke to Peter Eastway today and told him so. Might have to become a regular writer!

  5. Ill pick up the mag ASAP fletch… i was wondering when youd get a feature.

    flemming it seems like everyone on these blogs are city people… sad. Im glad im a country bumpkin.

  6. Yeah I looked for it as well today and could not see it, guess I have to wait a little longer. Great image of the pup on the front cover. Dogs just gotta love’em

  7. James says:

    Christian, nice article, but where’s your dodgy photo with the heavy blur around the edge? Come on man!!!

  8. Dylan Fox says:

    Whos the best photographer? If you answered Dylan Fox, you are correct! 😉

  9. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Christian,

    Your sense of humour came shining through in the magazine. You should be proud of the article. Well done. The only thing I didn’t like about the article was that you didn’t get the little information blurb in italics at the end of the article like other photographers in the magazine do.

    Melissa found it funny because she thinks she might have found a worse camper than me. 😉 Five star camping all the way for me thanks.

    Jamie Paterson

  10. mattlauder says:

    It was a great article mate. Love the shots and run down of the trip. Sounded like the typical family holiday with a twist.

  11. mattlauder says:

    One other thing… for you guys who have the magazine. Open up and read the Canon ad for the 50D on first two pages. Made me laugh… Aint that the truth though.

  12. Brett says:

    After having been a subscriber to the “other” aussie mag, I can say I much prefer the content in this over the competition. But I have to say I’ve learnt the most from the sister mag, Better Photoshop Techniques. Christian, if you can write a few articles for that I’d be *super* impressed!

    Does anyone else think it’s strange that in the landscape pictured above the horizon is dead-level? Makes you feel like he doesn’t really care for us who are living vicariously through his blog…. 😉

  13. kirkhille says:

    Got the magazine the other week great artical love the way you have written it . Also saw Brent had an artical in there as well

  14. Jules says:

    Love the article Christian thank-you! It wonderful to see someone brave enough to take the piss out of themselves on a national scale! You have inspired me to try my hand at pano’s and get myself a good pano tripod.
    PS We don’t use tents here in the Territory as everyone is usually too drunk to assemble them so we simplify things and just use swags!

  15. Christian says:

    sorry no photo James, I’m not worthy yet!

    Dylan your egos writing checks that your camera can’t cash.

    Jamie I’m a bit of a five star camper too. Its the old bones!!

    Thanks Matt.

    I’m not good at tech stuff Brett, but I will see what I might be able to come up with. sorry about the straight horizon mate, Peter Eastway must have done that!!

    Kirk I think Bretts is more informative.

    Jules, I never take myself too seriously, and love to make a joke out of any situation. Glad you liked the article, I definitely not to proud to have a laugh at myself. Actually it’s more fun doing it than patting yourself on the back.

  16. Dave Catley says:

    Just grabbed the mag but haven’t read the article yet, looking forward to it.

    Love the Canon add Mat. Should be for the 5D MK11 though with a statement like that, though I think Christian is more than enough advertising for it at the moment 😉

    Still trying to work out if that’s a dog or an alien on the cover though …

  17. Dylan Fox says:

    my local news agent only had the new Better Photoshop Techniques!
    I gotta get my hands on this mag apparently!

    Christian, didnt you hear….? Ken D has opened up some wall space in his Sydney gallery for me to use! Rolling in the cash now!

  18. Dylan I heard that but I thought it was for me!!!

  19. Hazel says:

    Not enough intelligent women or bare blokes in the mag for me. Nice article though.

  20. Hazel I prefer intelligent blokes and bare women!!

  21. Tommy P says:

    I thought the bit on Tom Putt was the best part of the latest issue…

  22. Your easily pleased Tommy P, hey your not the real Tom Putt are ya???

  23. Dave Catley says:

    Nice article Christian, very well written. Though you do come across as a bit of a girl being scared of everything 😉

  24. Got the mag delivered the other day, as always it’s the best mag out there.

    Good article Christian and some great shots. Although the article seems to lack an ending, I turned the page after the paragraph on stitching thinking where’s the rest?

    Good to see a few more of your Kimberley shots, any chance of seeing some more?

  25. Yeah it does end kind of suddenly, I always had a part two in mind, just need to start writing. I am keeping more images for my exhibition coming up in February. Sorry Flemming.

    Dave I’m just making everyone else feel better about their insecurities. Mate I’m not scared of nuphant!!

  26. Michael says:

    Hey Christian, nice article and very nice new images with the 5D MkII, don`t know what you`re afraid of I just spent a couple of nights @ Cape Leveque with what has now been identified as a TAIPAN, no wonder why it wouldn`t go away when I stomped my feet, it just tried to climb the table I was standing on, good times…still slept in my swag though. I nearly bought a new 5D MkII when in Sydney recently as the mirror in my old 5D fell out! Luckily I was able to get it repaired rather quickly, the repairer seems to think this maybe an ongoing problem for us stitchers, not sure if anyone else has had related problems? My other query for everyone is…has anyone been to Broome and had problems with horizons not being level? PT GUI has had a lot of trouble stitching my images from up north. I paid extra attention to getting levelling base level & checked it was level after each shot, did a test down @ Trigg last night no issues, does anyone have the answer? And no I wasn`t on the piss! Thanks

  27. Broome is a crooked town mate, I haven’t noticed any problems with my stitches apart from they are always on the piss!! The mirror problem sounds a bit nasty, hope it is too common.

  28. Finally picked up the mag and read the Article well written and funny too, there always seems to be German tourists everywhere!, Michael I havnt had issues with the mirror falling out of my 5d with my panno head, so hopfully its a one off thing, maybe the landscape wasnt flat is only thing I can think of haha.

  29. Bekka says:

    My inlaws are into photography in a very big way, so I got my mother in law a subscription to this mag for her birthday earlier in the year. Prob was that we ended up having to get my father in law one as well to keep the piece 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the article Christian (if I ever get the time….) – post it on Facebook 😉 Liking the newer pics as well, looks like the new camera is all kinds of awesomeness.

    Merry Christmas all

  30. Bekka says:

    Oh – and I can’t spell either – that should be ‘peace’ not ‘piece’ 😀

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