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Shooting with the 5D mark II

4 Jan 2009 at 11:57pm

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/2716085] Last weekend Jen, the kids and I went to Karri Valley to get some shots for my upcoming exhibition on the 21st of February. I shot some dodgy video and finally plucked up some courage to get filmed. It isn’t as polished as Michaels stuff but it only took about three hours to edit too!! That imovie isn’t too bad and is really quick, you don’t need to render anything, don’t know how that works? Anyway you will get the idea, try not to fall to sleep. Have I told you how I love my 5D mark II

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  1. Michael says:

    Cool, hopefully you make some money from your exhibition and can pay someone to carry that backpack around for you.

  2. Dave Catley says:

    Nice video Christian, very realxed and casual.

    You make it look like life as a landscape photographer is just wandering around beautiful locations with expensive cameras and having fun …

  3. Dave Catley says:

    P.S. Hope you had a great Christmas 🙂

  4. mattlauder says:

    Very cool mate. Funny how long it takes to put together 5 min of video. Looks like next month is going to be a pain in the ass. 🙂

  5. Nice video not boring at all!! and good music too, better start saving my dollars for one of these 🙂

  6. Brett says:

    🙁 Video seems to be gone now…..

  7. Yeah if only I had Ken Duncans dough! He doesn’t carry his own bag from what I hear.

    Dave, isn’t that the life of a landscape photographer??? What you don’t see is me shooting from the car window!!! Got to make it look like I’m actually doing it the hard way!!

    Next month is going to be a pain in the ass Matt, the exhibition is going to fry my brain!

    Get one Will. Brett it is there for me!

  8. It’s there for me too. Nicely put together Christian!

  9. Brett says:

    mmm, it’s a flash problem…. I’ll be back shortly 🙂

  10. Rod Thomas says:

    Nice video Christian, not boring at all… Good luck with the exhibition next month


  11. Man the 5D mark II takes some sharp ass movies. What software did you use to edit it?
    I like the last comment when your wife ( ? ) asked you the question …

  12. Thanks Rod, not the best time to be having an exhibition though, since no one is spending much.

    Neal all done in imovie mate on the old laptop. It isn’t too bad, for basic stuff.

  13. Great fun. Do you carry any photo gear in your backpack or do you just stand there looking at the landscape all day ? 🙂

    I need movie editing software (preferably shareware) for the PC so I can toy with my 5D Mk II movies, any ideas anyone?

  14. Brett says:

    yup, for some reason over the holidays my PC has managed to uninstall Flash – yes, you heard it, without my input, and while I was in a completely different location, it uninstalled Flash. How dare it. What, don’t believe me? Well no way could I do that :p All good now with the latest one installed and operable!

    Great vid, shows off the capabilities nicely. It seems that it would even make an amateur like me look half decent – well not in person of course but my images. Pity i have the dreaded N word lenses isn’t it so there’s no 5d II on my horizon anytime soon 😉

  15. Jules says:

    Cool movie Mr Fletcher, music nearly blew my ears off !

  16. Hi Flemming, nah I just look at it and wish I had two 5D mark II’s so I could film myself with it. Your using a pc??? say what!!! What are you thinking!!! This was all done in imovie that surprise surprise you get free with your mac. Time for a change my friend.

    Brett please don’t use the N word on my blog thanks, it hurts my eyes!

    Jules I chose that song as it was a bit more mellow, you wait till the next vid!!

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