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5D Mark II loves going to the beach

8 Jan 2009 at 7:23am

surfs-up Went to Margaret River with a flat battery on Tuesday. Was hoping to do some walking to get to some places I haven’t been but realised the effort might be in vain. Decided to stay close to the car park and shoot the surf. It was a great day for it as the swell was pretty big. Battery held out so I could have gone further anyway. Still it was a dodgy sunset.

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  1. Very cool looking wave, the light shinning through is awesome, so freakin sharp as well.

    Gotta love the Mark II

    That surf photographer still a few doors up from you? He’d shit if he saw this one 😉

  2. lukeaustin says:

    Great shot Christian. Caught it at just the right time. Nice detail too.

  3. Michael says:

    Gnarly dude, a mate said the waves were pretty big down there over the last few days, that green looks wicked.

  4. matthewinman says:

    Nice and sharp, I like the detail in the wave, wicked man, that’s wicked!

  5. dan proud says:

    amazing shot! would love to see a huge print of this..the detail is sweet!

  6. Tony Middleton says:

    Fantastic image – Christian !! very fresh and crisp ! Which lens and what focal length was it taken at ?

  7. Dylan Fox says:

    Very nice shot mate!
    But your a bastard cause I have been wanting to do something like this after seeing the stuff Eastway has done! 😉

  8. Christian says:

    Thanks guys, sorry Dylan!!

    This was shot at 800 iso f/5.6 , 1/1250 sec on the trusty 400mm f/5.6. Love that lens. It was blowing a gale to so it was amazing I got anything. Unfortunately with this pic I have cropped it a lot so the final file size is 10″x10″ @ 250. Bummer!!!

  9. Sean says:

    Just remember if you want to get away from the carpark you know a guy with canoes to take you to the limestone Wallcliffe’s, a 4WD to get you into Kilcarnup; argualbly the most beautiful beach in the region and the Cape Mentelle headland ( where there are a couple of Osprey nesting at the moment). Cheers Sean

  10. Kirk Hille says:

    Nice shot Christian ,
    As neal said love the sun shing through
    and got to love that lens

  11. Tony Middleton says:

    cheers Christian – At least you got something stunning from the day. I still love the image at this size. 🙂

  12. Tommy P says:

    CF you’ve done it again! (I sound like the guy off the JB HiFi ads!!). Lovely image that I’d love to see blow up 2m high on Flex mounted to Al next time I come into the gallery. Stuff the cropping in, Photoshop will handle the interpolation…

  13. Jules says:

    Okay well this image just makes me wanna cry…summer waves in SW WA I gotta get my butt back down that way before I go completely troppo here!! Amazing image and beautiful framing.

  14. Michael says:

    Jules there`s filth waves in Darwin… if your game! + you need a cyclone.

  15. Hazel says:

    Very simple clean shot…I like this one. Nice frame too.

  16. Clint Baker says:

    Great shot mate….. have i told u i hate u lately??…. well if not i hate u hahaha

  17. Nigel Sparg says:

    fantastic shot, makes me home sick. was that with the 400mm, I must say my wife is getting pissed off with you, as I will now have to buy a 5D2, my old 5D just doesnt cut it any more….! hehe! thanks mate have to blame it on someone.

  18. yeah Nige taken with the 400mm. You can blame me mate, I’ll take the heat for ya!

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