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Getting Ready for the Exhibition

21 Jan 2009 at 7:51am

windjana Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted for ages but I’m flat out getting images together for the exhibition on the 21st of February @ 7pm. If you haven’t already put your name down do so soon so I can organize everything. I have a few new images that I love and I’m not going to post them on the blog till after the exhibition. If you want to see them you’ll just have to turn up on the night. This one doesn’t make the cut but I had to post something. This goes back to my trip to the Kimberley 6 months ago. I was a little concerned about the crocs at this time in the morning, even though they were just freshies, it was a bit creepy standing on the riverbank.

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice reflection, but I can see why it didn`t make the cut, I think the gorge isn`t the best place for photography, but it`s a great spiritual place to visit. Don`t stress about the exhibition, it will work – the standard and quality of your work speaks for itself.

  2. Another classy photo, how do you do it …

    Cya at the exhibition.

  3. If this is one of the bad ones I can,t wait to see the good ones., this is very nice.
    I,m coming.
    Cheers Pete.

  4. Tony Middleton says:

    I like this ‘fresh’ take on Windjana. Those fresshies there really love those sandbanks !

    I can’t make it to the exhibition unfortunately…but I can’t wait to see your new work Christian !

  5. mervfrench says:

    Very nice it’s a yep.

    You don’t have to worry about the croc’s , they are pretty fussy as to what they touch!!!

    Is it Windjana or Winjana or are they two different places.

    See you on the night.

  6. G’day Christian,

    I like the soft light across the scene. I’m with Pete, can’t wait to see the ‘good’ shots that actually make the cut. 🙂

    I will have to wait to see your new work on the blog as I won’t be able to make it to the exhibition, even though I would love to see your new prints in person.

  7. Windjana Gorge is magic, I love the gorge and like this shot although I can see why you maybe wouldn’t select it for the exhibition, is perhaps lacking that something ‘special’ quality.

    Can’t wait to see more, shame I can’t make the exhibition, still waiting for you to mail those plane tickets 🙂

  8. dan proud says:

    Hey Christian, sweet shot. I’m suprised there’s no freshies sunbaking on the sand! It’s not the easiest place to shoot I think, those gorge walls block out the sun fairly early…

  9. dylanfox says:

    ill be at the exhibition!
    nice shot too!

  10. thomasparkes says:

    Love the sandstone wall of the gorge.
    Great how you have included the subtleness of the tree weeping over the water. Sensationally smooth water.

    Wish I could make it, one day I’ll be over.

  11. Clint Baker says:

    Yep another great shot mate, you gotta do anything for the shot u know that haha
    cya at the exhibition mate

  12. Sandra says:

    I’ll be coming to check out the exhibition too…looking forward to it.

  13. pretty nice reflection there.
    like the details in the gorge wall there and as Tom said the tree framing the image works well.

  14. Nice!, lots of detial and nice reflection, kind of shot you can look at for ages.

  15. Sean Stak says:

    WHY IS IT ON THE SAME DATE AS THE LIGHT FANTASTIC CONVENTION? No i cant make it but any courses coming up?
    Great shot of a great place.

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