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February 21st Exhibition

27 Jan 2009 at 11:08am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/2919274] This is a short video of me banging on about my upcoming exhibition. It took me about an hour to record this as I kept stuffing up. It was a hot night and by the end I was sweating like a pig. Talk about stress!! It is so hard trying to act natural like your talking to someone not the camera. Shot on my trusty 5D mark II

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  1. Michael says:

    Cool man looking forward to it.

  2. DannyScott says:

    Hey Christian,
    My girlfriend and I would love to come to the exhibition
    if there is still room on your list. I will send an email
    your way tomorrow.

    Thank you

  3. No problems Dan, I’ll add you to the list. Cheers

  4. mervfrench says:

    ………..”And the Oscar for best performance in a solo acted, written , filmed , produced and edited short film goes to ………….some obscure short film from India”

    Bad luck mate I thought you were in with a real chance of winning the Oscar with that performance, one of your best to date. ( I’d like to see the out takes )

    Good luck with the exhibition , I can imagine that it was a hell of a lot of work putting it together, see you there.

  5. thanks Mervie, the out takes had lots of swearing in them, definitely not for this blog!! I know what an actor I am. Hope to act happy even if I don’t sell anything, inside I’ll be dying though! Then I’ll be going broke! 🙂 At the moment we have no paper to print on and no oversized mounts to frame them anyway!!! Not stressed, honestly I’m not!

  6. Cool, really wish I could be there to meet everyone and see the images and exhibition (and point out some crooked horizons here or there!)

    Great composition btw, chopped your own head off 🙂

  7. mattlauder says:

    That 5D video depth of field is great. Nice acting too. Should call your exhibition “7” or “Seven” or your next kid ?? Sounds cool. I think the exhibition will be a great success, wish I could be there as well. But I’m sure there will be a video post of the exhibition for your interstate and international fans.

  8. best performance so far haha good to hear some Rock music at the end!, So each Photo will be limited to 7 prints??

  9. yeah bummer about the head being too big, damned ego!!!!

    Well the edition of 7 has been changed to 70!!! After a call from Ken Duncan I decided to go for more and make the price less. If anyone would know it would be him.

  10. kirkhille says:

    sounds good so far christian will have to check it out when Im back from Sydney

  11. danproud says:

    Definately looking forward to seeing some video snapshots of the exhibion! Hope its a super night.

  12. Matt Lauder says:

    Yea good idea mate going with 70 instead of 7. If any would know it would be Ken. I spoke to him the other day at his lab, he certainly is a wealth of knowledge. I recon a photo trip with him would be a barrel of laughs, he has a good sense of humor.

  13. Jules says:

    Christian I am trying to organise to get there but am still unsure~ I’d be coming with my kid too.. Well done with the vid – you did well and looked surprisingly relaxed. 🙂 And sounds like you are getting some good advice there ..Ken Duncan! man! cool-as CF

  14. kman says:

    Christian, just want to say thanks for your inspirational vision, i’ve only just come across your work, which shows that i’m a little behind the rest in the digital revolution (i’m referring to the blogging as well as shooting). I’ve also looked at a couple of the other people who have blogged you and there awesome work, it’s really great seeing you all inspiring each other and sharing knowledge.
    I was hoping that maybe yourself or any others would feel like sharing some knowledge for a journey i’m about to begin.
    I’ve just sold my property and have swapped it for a VW Transporter and am going to set off round the country. I was hoping the groups wisdom could advise me on equipment for a journey like this. I really want to have a smooth running studio (no printer) within my van.
    Don’t laugh at me (you can if you want) but i’m really new to shooting digital, so i’d really appreciate peoples advice re-cameras, software, computer, back up space etc.
    My present equipment –
    Nikon d200 (have only shot 2000 images on it, want to upgrade, open to canon)
    Nikon F100(film and light meter for 617)
    Mamiya 645 afd
    Tomiyama 617
    90mm nikkor
    I really like the 617 format, but i notice a lot if not all the images i’ve seen are stitched?
    Computer –
    MacBook Pro
    Photoshop (would really appreciate some direction, in the post processing department)
    I head to Hong Kong on the 8th of Feb. Does anyone recommend buying whilst there??
    Sorry this was very long, virgin blogger u can tell!!!!
    I’d really like to purchase your book Christian, and once again thanks for living the dream, i’m sure your choice to do what you do has brought alot of happiness to a lot of people.

  15. Peter says:


    Congrats and wishing lots of success with the upcoming exhibition. It must feel great when you can stand aside and look at all the finished prints hanging. Lots of hard yakka. Have you considered having a simultaneous online opening and having prints for sale for the rest of the interstate and overseas mob.

  16. That’s a cool idea Peter! Or at least post some photos of your exhibition up here on the blog after the opening so we can “virtually” check it out 🙂 Hope it all goes well, Christian!

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