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Shop at Coles on Friday

10 Feb 2009 at 10:59pm

Coles is asking customers to plan their supermarket shop for this Friday (13 Feb), to help raise badly needed funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires.

Coles, BiLo, Pick N.Pay and Coles Online are donating this Friday.s profits from all stores nationally to the Bushfire Appeal Fund, and hope to raise between two and four million dollars.

Now I hope this is true, I guess just check with your local store before doing a big shop. I think our Coles here in Dunsborough is the most expensive in the state, typical, so I’m hanging out to shop big and donate to the appeal. I won’t be buying any Coles Brand product either if there are any Cole Executives tuning in. I don’t like how more and more of it is creeping onto the shelves.

When they say profits, who audits that??? How much profit do they make. They might have the biggest day on record get all the hype and then say, ah, we only made a few hundred today, sorry!!
Please someone set me straight on this!

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  1. Brett says:

    no, healthy skepticism here is good in my view. Always hard to get a real grasp on “profit” when a lot of practices from all the big supermarkets tend to force suppliers to absorb the “discounts” they offer – is the profit going to be calculated on what the maximum price they’ve paid for stock of that item, or the lowest (yeh right!). This predatory pricing hits the fresh fruit/veg farmers in particular, so if you ever buy veg there try to avoid the “specials” because some farmer’s been put over a barrel to get that special price to you – I try where ever possible to buy from a green grocer, but when I can’t I actively try to avoid the discounted fresh food.

    Don’t get me wrong – any gesture like Coles are making to help raise funds for the community (and Woolies have their regular “farmers” profit day coming up too) are great, and should be supported in any way possible, especially in the situation we’re seeing right now with the bushfires.

  2. well put Brett, in the end any offer of money is a good thing and if more big companies did the same, and I’m sure some do, the potential for fund raising is enormous. I’ll shop at Coles on Friday and just hope and assume they will do the right thing. We are growing our own veggies now and it is so rewarding. Every meal we have had in the past couple of months has had something in it from our garden. Oh, and as a side note our solar panels which have been going for about a year now have generated over 2700 units of electricity for us. We use 11 units a day so we have had 245 days of free electricity in the past year. Pretty cool hey!

  3. Its good To hear Big companys helping out, Donating Cash to Red Cross is the best way to help they say 100% of the money will reach the people.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Yeah got an email a few days ago about this . As you said Christian I guess any money they donate will be good but would be interesting to see what they classify as profit , be good see more big companies doing the same .
    As per your solar power I would aslo say a lot more house are going to go and get soloar power as the news a few weeks ago about the rise in engery pricing they are going to hit us with over the next few years .

  5. This is the first I have heard of this. I do to share your healthy skepticism and have made a conscious effort over the past 2 years to avoid as much as possible the 2 biggies coles / woolworths for reasons you have already stated.

    William is right red cross is the best path to go. But then again Cole’s do sell Hunts Chocolate Pudding so I should go load up a trolly load on friday.

  6. Jules says:

    It all helps and we all have to buy groceries at some stage. I’ve shopped at Dunsborough Coles plenty of times and I get so excited because it is really cheap compared with prices in Darwin, so although expensive for WA cheap compared with NT:)
    I’m donating some images to help raise money via redbubble I will post on my blog with more info.
    Cheers Jules

  7. Jules says:

    Its bonafide here’s the info
    and unfortunately we only have Coles or Woolworths here so think ya selves lucky!

  8. Dave Bettini says:

    Hi Guys

    Avoid capitalism and give directly to the bush fire appeal. That way 100% of the cash goes there!

  9. mervfrench says:

    Yep I’m with you Dave , although it is a generous gesture from the 2 major chains.

    The fire’s have certainly shown what a generous lot we all are it times of need. I’ve just been watching the news and the donations of cash, clothes and goods is overwhelming and unbelievable.

    If you are not touched by some of the stories and scenes of heartbreak and devastation then your not human I’d say.

  10. Sean Stak says:

    But this way youll be getting food AND donating… in Stakky’s head that a win for everybody.
    Hope everybody watched TT’s special on the fire. Its amazing how the crime of lighting bushfires (forgotten watcha call it) is so underestimated. AND they said the hills east of perth are in a very good position for a fire… THATS WHERE I LIVE.

  11. thats what I dont like about Today Tonight why tell people the best places to light fires!

  12. Michael says:

    Maybe I`ll buy a mars bar coles and woolies food just doesn`t last the week, i buy from carine or herdies it cost more but it lasts, but good on the big chains for helping out but it is also easier to donate straight to the red cross. I have a company booked for my new house to install solar panels the day after we move in, $8000 gov rebate certainly helps.

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