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Time to get back to some shooting

12 Feb 2009 at 6:34am

windmill-4 I don’t mean the violent variety. We have had some great skys down here in the past few days. This one offered a lot of promise but I can’t get it how I’d like to see it. I don’t even know how I would like to see it!!! Probably why I am having so much trouble. Used my new Lee hard ND, still not sure about them, they smack of, hey he has used a hard grad!! It will take a bit of trial and error to get the best result I guess. This image isn’t my favourite and I’m a bit frustrated with it. Still it isn’t a bad stock shot. Maybe it is too colourful.

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  1. Clint Baker says:

    nice shot mate, i really like it. the orange in the top left might be a bit bright but everything else looks great

  2. The light has been not to shabby up here as well. Been out shooting a lot this week.

    I like this I just feel the browns need to me more straw brown and less red. the creek/path whatever it is leading to the windmill has a reflection that is a little distracting.

    Just my 3 cents ….. Inflation 😉

  3. mattlauder says:

    Looks red hot to me. That log looks like a big snake in the grass. Go the HARD GRADS when they work they work well, when they dont they suck badly.

  4. danproud says:

    I reckon the hard grad has worked a charm, pretty bloody awesome stock shot if you ask me. Good to see some new images!

  5. thanks fellas. The red is coming from the dried weed that was everywhere. I don’t like it either. Good suggestion Neal.
    Yeah Matt the hards aren’t as straight forward to use as I thought they would be. Still that lcd on the 5D makes life alot easier. So glad I’m not shooting film anymore.

  6. Mark Griffin says:

    I like the Grads, just not too much or everything ends up looking like a Tony Scott movie…

  7. Dylan Fox says:

    Red is too strong in foreground.
    Another problem solved by your friendly neighborhood Foxman!!!

  8. mervfrench says:

    What is the main problem with hard grads why don’t they always work?

  9. mervfrench says:

    Just looked again, have you used this on the bottom half?

  10. kirkhille says:

    great shot for a stock image all ways like windmill shots

  11. Yes!! My kinda shot! You know I love all outback and rural shots!

    As for a few suggestions, just my ideas!
    I actually like the reds in the foreground, they might be a tad too saturated but I like the warm tone of the grass.

    I feel the composition can be better. I don’t like the silhouetted trees boxing in and framing the shot, I like open “exits to infinity” in a photo, not a closed-in world. The log in the grass is a bit weird, hard to see what it is. I reckon if I could I walk walk forward and a bit too the left, lower the camera a bit, lower the horizon and then there seems to be some good leading lines in the clouds too the left that could lead the eye to the windmill placed on the right, about 2/3rds…..just my ideas 🙂

  12. this scene is about all I could get without jumping the electric fence. To the sides were too much bush and the light was fading fast. I was driving like a wild man trying to find something to plonk in front of that sky. I was sweating, I can tell ya.
    Tll you about the grads next Saturday Merv!

  13. Jules says:

    Dang CF you got NEW lee grads? Where from? I still can’t find them anywhere!! I am enjoying the colours with this one…the windmill smack in the middle scared me a little but I’m working with it. I’d love to see how you’d handle the greens up here they are an insane colour at the mo. Cheers Jules

  14. mervfrench says:

    Hey Jules, you can get the LEE filters in Aust. Try Vanbar or Mediavision Australia , they both have branch’s in Melb & Syd. Do the Google thing and check them out. Prices are about the same as getting them from the US after you include freight. The bottom line is they aren’t cheap wherever you get them from.

  15. Jules says:

    Thanks heaps Merv -I had been googling it couldn’t get hold of the actual mediavision website and i try not to visit vanbar as their site sucks big eggs but will go back and have another try for sure.Cheers for your reply Jules

  16. Haydn Jones says:

    I like the shot Christian, I had the same problem that night running around trying to get the best foreground to match the background sky. I ended up missing the best part of the sky. I don’t mind the colours of the foreground

  17. mervfrench says:

    Yeah Jules, Vanbar is a problem, I ended up ringing them. i just posted to let you know they can get them at those two places


  18. Belinda says:

    For what it’s worth I like it! Couldn’t do better myself! Jsut jealous fo you guys that get to get out and catch these moments so easily ( home with 2 kids!)LOL. My eye is definately drawn to the top left corner tho.

  19. Belinda I get my kids to bed early so I still have time to go out and shoot.

    Jules I would love to see the top end in the wet. It is on my to do list.

    Thanks Haydn.

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