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Wyadup Rocks Going off

16 Feb 2009 at 5:59am

wyadup-rocks I was saying to my brother, gee I hope the guys in Perth are getting this light. Then I thought, hmmm, what are they going to stick in front of such an awesome sky??? I am so spoilt here I take it for granted. This afternoon was one of the best in a long time. No wind and a big swell. There were some surfers getting into some serious pits just to the right of this shot. Really awesome to watch. Shame this won’t see the light of day for a while. Am going to release new stuff every 3 months with an exhibition at my Dunsborough gallery. Don’t forget the 21st, for the opening of the exhibition in Mandurah, also get your orders in now for the iTNFP tee shirts. Go on, you know you want too.

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  1. thomasparkes says:

    Very Scmick mate, love the colour, reflection, composition etc.
    I would get rid of the person though.

    I will require a ‘Large’ size T-shirt. Let me know the final cost and postage.


  2. Haydn says:

    Any photo’s of the surfers??? Na great shot again Christian

  3. Onya Tom, a large it is. I’m hoping the cost won’t be any more than $35 plus postage. Will keep you informed. I like the person, adds scale to the image.

    I think my bro got some footage Haydn but will have to wait 6 months for that!!!

  4. Great shot Christian. I had the sky here but no water to capture a darmatic shot like this.

  5. Haydn says:

    Was this a stitch? I was down saturday morning taking photographs of surfers at this spot. Was this friday night???

  6. kirkhille says:

    Stunning christian , must have been a really carm day love the reflection . Just looking through some of my images from this spot the other day conditions werent as good as you had by the looks

  7. Dylan Fox says:

    Very very nice mate but I agree.. the person adds scale but i think he needs the boot!
    I think its just cause hes so central

    I was at cott on friday night and was gonna take my camera just incase but of course i didnt and then one of the best sunsets all summer rolled through! I could have cried!

  8. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Mmmmm I am sooo jealous right now. Its no secret Wyadup is my favourite spot in the whole world. Its almost my spiritual place. Its a great shot Christian thanks for sharing it.

    Jamie Paterson

  9. I love this shot Christian… The light is near perfect.

  10. Christian says:

    haydn it was a stitch and it was saturday night not Friday.

    Been their Dylan, it just about kills you doesn’t it.

    it was just about perfect Jamie.

  11. Donelle says:

    I love this image Christian when you release it, I want one!!!!!

  12. Tony Middleton says:

    Lovely image Christian – that light is just to die for, those soft warm pastels just rendering the entire scene so beautifully. AWESOME !

  13. Belinda says:

    GOrgeous pic! Love the colours and the glow it has. I think the person should stay adds interest without dominating the scene or being distracting to th eye. Great shot, hope to see it iFujiflex sometime ( love that stuff!)

  14. mervfrench says:

    brilliant you are amazing, the person is perfect don’t listen to the others. I wish I could be that good, oh well maybe one day. Still I’m pretty handy on a tractor!!

  15. Sean Stak says:

    So too awesomely nice. Made it my desktop at school and all who saw it went “WOOOOOOOOW” – i gave you full credit and some even checked out your site (after my blog, that is). If you get a load of sale from strangely underage kids soon i get a free course. Reasonable Deal eh?

  16. print will be in the mail Donelle

    Thanks Belinda, I think the person should stay too for the same reasons you mentioned.

    Merv don’t be so gushy mate, I’m not that good!!!

    Sounds like a good deal Stakky. Are you getting down to the exhibition? I have printed the grass tree on the hill pic you loved, just for you.

  17. Mark Griffin says:

    You are a lucky man living down there! Beautiful shot – very jealous…

  18. mervfrench says:

    Ok i’ll try and keep my thoughts under control , I know I got a bit carried away, it’s not really that good !!!!!

  19. Clint Baker says:

    another ripper… cant wait to get down there!!!!!!

  20. kellymonsterphotography says:

    WOW lost for words..love it! A truly stunning image as always.

  21. That is classic Flether that one! Lovely image and the light is so amazing.

    (what is iTNFP?)

  22. Matt Lauder says:

    Wow… stunning shot. As Flemming said, this is a classic Fletcher shot. 10/10.

  23. pretty awesome shot.
    couldn’t get much better light that’s for sure!

  24. Very very nice! reflection is awesome, I was out in Dowerin that night had prety colourful skys even out there!

  25. Sean Stak says:

    dunno… its a long way to mandurah for a chat and view, but ill already be in freo that day for the light fantastic convention so i might make it…

  26. Bloody nice, certainly got that signature CF colour toning about it.
    We got some wicked storm clouds up our way friday and saturday last week, snapped a couple for myself that I,m pretty pleased with.

  27. Michael says:

    Very nice mate as you said Perth is lacking in the composition stakes I was at South Perth saturday night and took better photos of Ingrid, I felt it wasn`t spectacular enough it just didn`t go nuts. See you on Saturday.

  28. Tommy P says:

    OMG Christian I love it! You are AMAZING! I wish I could take a shot like this. In fact, I wish I was you! You are AMAZING…I love it! I love you! OMG OMG OMG!

  29. matthewinman says:

    Nice shot mate, I checked out your exhibition today. It was so good to see stuff in print (& large) that I’d only ever seen on a monitor. It was really good and everyone there thought so too. One bloke came in thought they were all paintings! He raved about the lovely paintings, I didn’t have the heart to tell him.
    Bloggers, you’re in for a treat, this exhibitions a must see.

    PS Keep the person, as I saw today it adds a sense of scale.

  30. Flemming Have a read of the TNFP shirt post the answer is in there. Lets just say of all people you must have one. It will be the only one in Denmark that will be for sure.

    Where is your blog Peter, has to be better than Mervs!!!

    Tommy P keep your pantie hose on mate, We all know I’m good, don’t need you to tell everyone!

    Glad you liked the exhibition Matt, It was a year in the making. Wish this shot was in it and I’m glad you agree about the person too. It can add to a scene

  31. Donelle says:

    I know this is gonna be sound very girly….but is there a dress code for Saturday Night??!!! I dont wanna be over/underdressed!!! Let a girl know would ya??!! Cheers
    PS. Merv I hope your coming??!! Be nice to meet a fellow farmer!

  32. mervfrench says:

    See you there Donelle . I’ll be the one with the big hat, flannel shirt and straw hanging out of my mouth.

  33. mervfrench says:

    Clint …you win I don’t like him that much!!!!

  34. danproud says:

    This shot is HOT, love the lone figure in the middle. unreal glow!

  35. James says:

    Fantastic shot, I wonder what it would have looked like in person.

  36. mervfrench says:

    Bloody hell….now you’ve got Adrian as well, this is out of control!!!

  37. Christian says:

    Donelle, I’m wearing jeans so it is pretty informal. Smart casual would be just about right I think.

  38. Hey Donelle Merv’s not joking, They broke the mould when they made him.

  39. Steve Gordon says:

    Simply amazing. Fell off my chair. (Not even pissed)

  40. Luke Austin says:

    Keep the figure, although central it works.

  41. mervfrench says:

    The mystery man I presume is one Michael Fletcher….correct or wrong?

    Looks like him.

  42. Tommy P says:

    I’m wearing my pink feather boa to the exhibition opening – is that suitable Fletch???

  43. Christian says:

    don’t know who the guys was. Michael was also in the shot but I took him out because he had a big tripod next to him.

    Tommy, you could wear a potato sack and people would still be in awe of you. Especially if the potatoes were in the right places!

  44. Rod Thomas says:

    Love this shot christian… very nice…… good luck with the exhibition and make sure you get a shot of Tommy P wearing his pink feather boa huh

  45. Andy Howe says:

    Saw this shot in Michael’s video and loved it, so I thought I would look up your blog. Beautiful images and a welcome relief from a chilly and grey UK. What software do you use to do your stitching?

  46. Tommy P says:

    All my potatoes are in the right places for you Fletch you hunk of spunk!!

  47. Rob, Tommy P wasn’t invited he is too wild for one of my shows!!

    Thanks Andy, it was one of those special afternoons, nice and still and very warm. I use PT GUI for my stitching. Cheers for tuning in.

    Mr P your potatoes are the wrong gender for me sorry!!!

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