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Exhibition Opening Night

22 Feb 2009 at 10:56am

exhib-11 Well the opening night has finally come and gone so the pressure is off for a while. I don’t know about anyone else but I had an absolute ball. A few well timed glasses of wine helped but it was brilliant to see so many people turn out to have a look. I want to thank everyone for coming and making the night a success. I met loads of people all so keen on photography themselves, total geeks like myself. Michael should be knocking up a video of the night soon. These couple of pics I took before the crowds arrived. Went through almost 150 bottles of wine so I don’t know who was driving that night!!! Thanks again everyone for coming. Cheers.

p.s. launched the TNFP t-shirt on the night, the sales will be going through the roof now!!!!

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  1. Peter says:

    Wow! They look great. The white frame/mat with large print combination looks super modern. When are they for sale online. Interested in the photo on your invite.(Frenchmen’s Peak)

  2. mervfrench says:

    Great night mate.

    By the time I drank most of your wine and ate most of the food then chilled out to Qynn I forgot to have a look at the prints but I’m sure they were pretty good.

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Awesome CF, very classy.
    Wish I could have being there.
    Really looks like the time and effort you’ve put in, has really paid off, hopefully it wreaks the rewards.

  4. Peter they will be on the new website very soon. The Frenchmans Peak image looks fantastic framed up. Drop me an email and I’ll let you know the price, actually cant remember what it was!! haha.

    Mervie, your a legend mate, wondered where the wine went!! Glad you had a good time, it was all put on just for you :-0)

    Tom the rewards are in getting that many people together to view the work, the money will come later, the bills will be first, wine, food, framing, etc etc. It is great for my branding to do something different to my norm.

  5. Very cool evening Christian. Very impressive I want number 26. Wish I could of stayed a little longer for a further chat, but with so many women hanging around I thought it was best to leave you occupied 🙂

    Cheers again …. Looking forward to the next one 😉

  6. Thanks for coming Neal, it was fun. Yeah did you see the 2 little kids that wanted my autograph too!! haha. They were great kids and there mum was very proud of them. They took their diaries and wrote notes on each photo to show me. Very cool!!
    Next one???? I’ll be paying for this one for years to come!!

  7. Donelle says:

    Very sorry I couldnt make it Christian, I was really looking forward to it!!! Bloody babysitter!!! Im glad it all went well and Im going to head to Mandurah during the week to have a look anyway!!!
    PS..Sorry to have missed you too Merv!!!

  8. Michael says:

    Thanks Christian – Ingrid and I had a great night, it was good to get out of Perth and meet a few a people finally, had to explain what the shirt was about though! Good to see you went with the same theme with printing + framing even though some of the images would look better on other printing formats. Take it easy mate, enjoy the rewards and remember you have to spend money to make money we would buy 1 but our new unit doesn`t have a wall big enough to fit it on + I`ve still got my old favourites.

  9. Wow, Christian! Wish I could check it out but don’t think i’ll be back in Perth in time 🙁

    The prints look awesome as per usual.

  10. muzz says:

    Thanks for a great night Christian. The prints looked fantastic – need a bigger house to contemplate one of those babies on the wall. I heard the big waterfront apartment construction was halted for the last month ‘cos you used all their window glass for your prints!

    Hanging out for your next workshop – the one in Port Hedland sounded excellent.

    PS Hey isn’t your brother a good looking dude.

  11. Tony Middleton says:

    Looks fantastic Christian – It would have been great to get along and see them in person and drink your wine.. 😉 But…I will have to wait to see the web versions I guess…

    congratulations !

  12. Congrats Christian! the hard work shows, the exhibition looks extremely classy and absolutely brilliant. It is my dream to someday do something similar.

    Wish I could have been there, Human Spirit Level, checking all horizons etc!

    Photos look fantastic, can’t wait to see online some of the ones we’ve obviously not been shown before.

    I am wondering though why you went with normal glass, not reflection free glass? I know it eats a bit of sharpness, perhaps you prefer normal glass.

  13. Matt Lauder says:

    Well done mate… wow those pics look sensational, can only imagine what they look like in print. Must have been hard having those shots hidden away for so long. Now I can see why your framing bill is what it is. Cant wait to see them on line, on the new site.

  14. Brett says:

    Congrats Christian, looks like a great result from your hard work! Like others, look forward to see some of the other “hidden gems” over the web, because there’s a good chance it’ll be some time before I get to venture back to your galleries :(.

  15. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Christian,

    I had a great night as well. I was just blown away by the quality of work and will probably go back down there when things are a little quieter. You should be justifiably proud. It was also good to put a few faces to names as well.


    Jamie Paterson

  16. Jules says:

    Looks so fabulous CF well done! Looking forward to seeing them online? and more details about the prints and the show. Cheers JC

  17. Dave Catley says:

    Hi Christian,

    Awesome exhibition, we turned up before most people arrived and the impact of seeing all those panoramas hung up on the back wall from the other side of an empty room was just stunning.

    I was a bit surprised that you completely ignored us till we said “hi” only to find out it was Michael and he really is your identical twin!! Anyway had a chat with him and strangely enough he seems like a nice guy too 🙂

    I think everyone held their breath (except the bloggers) for a few seconds as you started to undress at the end of your speach, lucky you stopped after just the shirt 😉

    Hope your getting some good sales from the exhibition and glad the opening went so well.


  18. Sorry didnt make it somthing came up 🙁 will have to check it out when I get some time! they look awesome in the pics!

  19. Clint Baker says:

    cheers for a great night mate!!, you have been keeping some shots to yourself!!! good to finally see them. Congrats on a great night!!

  20. we checked it out in the arvo and it was quite a exhibit!
    love the bells gorge waterfall shot. i’m glad that was there to see in print! i need a few more of these government “stimulus” payouts before i could afford to get one of them on my wall 😛

    look forward to the next one 🙂

  21. Dave Bailey says:

    Congatulaions on what sounds like another sucessful event.
    Wish i could have been there but had a wedding on, not all bad drank enough free Corona to numb the pain.
    Will try to get down ther ASAP to check it out
    All the best everyone


  22. Michelle Flynn says:

    Thanks Christian for a great night, the photos were amazing! And it was great to finally meet you, i was actually a bi nervous meeting my fave photographer haha. Shame i didnt get lucky this time and win the draw haha oh well still have my awesome boat photograph to look at =)

    thanks again, oh yeah and the music was awesome…though i have forgotten the guys name.

  23. Sean Stak says:

    well i had a good time at the light fantastic convention. I was gonna drop down after but homework got in the way again… looks awesome though. Whens next course im GUARANTEED TO COME.

  24. Muzz he is only slightly uglier than me!!

    Flemming everything was super level, you have taught us all that little trick. As for Non reflective glass that stuff is just horrible. I would put up with reflections any day.

    Yeah Matt the framing was top class just paid for it today, could have bought a brand new small car for the same price!!

    Jamie sorry I didn’t get more time to chat, sort of got snowed under, cheers mate

    Dave we have had a fair amount of problems with the twin thing. As for the striptease I do that at every party!! Should I order you a shirt???

    Steve, I need a few of those stimulus packages myself!!

    Dave we had free wine!!! well it wasn’t free for me!

    Thanks to everyone else for the kind words.

  25. will let you know Stakky.

  26. I find that if you can mount the print very close to the non reflective glass it eats only a tiny bit of sharpness, hardly noticeable and improving the image since people don’t see their own reflections.

  27. nup sorry mate, it is the worst stuff, dulls the blacks, and the rest of the colours. I used to work as a picture framer and I would just hate using the stuff. It is BAD BAD BAD :-0)

  28. Dylan Fox says:

    Sorry i couldnt be there mate!
    Am thinking of heading down tomorrow after uni! (Yes im back to a school routine)
    You back down south…. wouldnt be great to chat with the guy behind Dylan Fox Photography one on one and get some tips? 😉

  29. kirkhille says:

    Great Exhibition Christian ,
    Had a look at it today , really liked the framing and presentation , very simple and clean . Wish I could have been there at the opening night sounds like had a fair crowd show up

  30. Beks says:


    Sorry we couldn’t make it either, really upset that we had to miss it 🙁

    On the good side, looks like we will be able to pop down in the next day or two to have a look (and see how much finance we need to sort if I can convince Shane ;))

    Sounds like all in all the night was a success.

  31. James says:

    Hey Christian,

    Do you know if the gallery is open on Saturday, and if so, what time?



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