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  1. Jen says:

    Hi Christian, I don’t know if your workers comments count!!!!! But I like the second one from the left! I love the reflection. Kym

  2. If your calling the book light, you can not go past the first image. No 26 at he show. The light beam lighting the pond and the colors … Shit thats killer pic … Should be mine 😉

  3. Donelle says:

    Though I love the Wyadup rocks pic…. I think the end one with the gorgeous pinky grey sky is the winner for me!!

  4. I think second from the left would be best on a book cover!

  5. Tommy P says:

    Fletch you’d be mad if you went for anything other than the Bungles image. I place a $1,000 on it that it makes it!

  6. mervfrench says:

    The extreme left portrays the name ( LIGHT ) the best I guess , but I actually like the Karri valley reflections shot the best.

  7. Matt Lauder says:

    The two on the left… I’m undecided. Leaning more for the one second in from the left, same as Jen.

  8. man you don’t make it easy do ya!! :-p

    i love the first 3 shot’s just about as much as any you’ve done. so not sure. think the Wyadup rocks is my favorite though. could easily be either of the first 2 though!

  9. thomasparkes says:

    Even though the Bungles shot is most appropriate with the beam of light, there is way to much texture in the rock behind the writing for a cover. Therefore that is why my choice is the wyadup (2nd from left).

  10. Michelle Flynn says:

    hmm im undecided, they are all great covers as they show light in different ways, but i do love the last one as it was one of my favourite photos at the exhibition, but yeah, too hard they are all great!

  11. Sean Stak says:

    nuh that bungles shot is unreal… thats gotta go on the cover.

    Remember to mention ol’ Stakky in the special thanks column 🙂
    my publicity would skyrocket!!!

  12. Brett says:

    yep, no reason not to get straight back into things.

    2, 4, 1, 3. It was a close vote between 2 and 4, but the tranquility around where you have the title text versus the waves in #4 won me over. If you cloned out the surfer on #2 it’d be the obvious winner too 😉 – yes I know how nice a “scale” reference it is, but a lot of your work is so tranquil and “untouched” by man, at least visibly.

  13. thanks everyone, number two is the winner so far. I’m going to knock up some more tommorrow, the quest for the front cover continues.

  14. No 2 for me as well Christian.

  15. Mark Temov says:

    Far left would be my vote mate. Stunning shot. After that 2nd from the left. Can’t wait to see the final product. Will it be ready by the end of the week? Have you heard of that thing called relaxing?

  16. matthewinman says:

    If it’s called ‘Light’ the first one even though I like the second one best.

  17. Beau says:

    My first thoughts were similar to Neal’s, that the first one portrays the name of the book the best, but I think number 2 still takes the cake.

    Not an easy choice at all.

  18. Beau says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I think the text needs to be a bit lower on the second shot so that the word “photographs” doesnt have the reflection of the rocks behind it. 😉

  19. Tony Middleton says:

    the Cathedral Gorge image without a dount ! It opitimises the prospective title of ‘Light’ brilliantly !

  20. Sandra says:

    The first one draws the eye right in and then forces the eye across to the title…LOVE it!

  21. Dylan Fox says:

    Because im a lazy pric i didnt bother reading what the rest of the mob said (really so my opinion wasnt tweaked)
    I think easily the first image! If thats gonna be the name of the book its a easy choice for me!

  22. That’s a stunner from Cathedral Gorge mate, good work. I never got anything like that from in there, wasn’t in there at the right time.

    I think the Wyadup rocks reflection second from the left is the best book cover, the simplicity will work great on a bookshelf and call attention to itself even when viewed from far away.

    Do you produce the books yourself or is there a publisher involved?

  23. Christian, the 2nd shot is the clear winner IMHO. I suggest moving the sub text down slightly so the word photography isn’t over the rock reflections.
    Fantastic images by the way! Good luck with your book.

  24. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    For me it was easily the first photo on the left. I was stunned by that photo and just stared at it for ages. If I lived the life of a jetsetting rock star landscape photographer, I would’ve bought that photo on the night.

    Jamie Paterson

  25. Rod Thomas says:

    third from the left, or second from the right….. either one.. lol
    any image im sure will be fantastic

  26. Dave Catley says:

    2, 4, 3, 1 would be my preference, but I think 2 is by far the most eye catching plus it’s a little bit different from the more common beach shots and canyon shots.

  27. Ric says:

    Cathedral Gorge image for sure!

  28. Hi Christian,I like the first two from the left with the second one being my favorite. The first one fits in more with the title.

    If you do use these two can I suggest a gold or copper cover/spine which I think will bring out the colours even more. I also like the simplicity of the text.

  29. Hi Christian,I like the first two from the left with the second one being my favorite. The first one fits in more with the title.

    If you do use these two can I suggest a gold or copper cover/spine which I think will bring out the colours even more. I also like the simplicity of the text.

  30. Peter Ng says:

    2 4 1 3

    I think 1 is the most dramatic and arty but I think 2 works better because it has got the human interest for scale. 4 has got the most calming immediate effect but maybe a bit cliched.

  31. Steve Gordon says:

    There’s a difference between what I like the most (though all are spectacular) and what I think would make someone pick up the book in a shop and look. To that end I feel the 1st shot is the “attention grabber”


  32. No doubt, number 2 at this point.

  33. Graham Leggate says:

    First on the left… I think gives the best pictorial description of the title of the book. How better to picture light, but to have a ray! Can’t wait for the next book, I still flick through the Landscapes one when looking for some inspiration.

  34. Mark, relaxing is something to do when your dead, life is short, I’m going to make every day count 🙂

    your right Beau, don’t know how I overlooked that, cheers

    Good point Flemming, I publish the books myself using a printer in Perth

    Thanks Douglas, Beau said the same thing and I will change that, thanks for adding a post

    Thanks all, looks like number 1 is making a comeback. I do like that one too.

  35. Bethanie says:

    For me the first one says it all. My second choice would be the second from the left.

  36. Thanks Bethanie that is what I am thinking too.

  37. muzz says:

    No 2 does it for me. No 1 is a beautiful image but it’s almost too good to be true!

  38. Kirk Hille says:

    Nice set of images but would say the same as Neal , if the books going to be called light would go with the first two images

  39. The wife says its a no brainer, #1 … So the tally for #1 goes up one more please 🙂

  40. Jules says:

    Hi CF knowing your work and actually owning your first book 🙂 (collectors item??) I would say from left to right no. 1,3.2,4
    I do love 2 and 4 they speak volumes about your style but the first one offers something fresh and new from you. cheers jules

  41. Tommy P says:

    Looks like you owe me $1,000 Fletcher!!!

  42. Alex says:

    I like #1 for the wow factor – It would make me pick it up in a shop and fits the title well…..think it would stand out from the crowd. Next in i’d say 3 because the colours are so beautiful, then 2, then 4.

  43. James says:

    They’re all pretty good, but 1 would be the best if there was a ghost or something in the light rays, oh wait I’ve seen that somewhere before. 🙂

  44. dan proud says:

    4 books needed I think!

  45. Sean Stak says:

    cant you use them all as section covers??? for different locations maybe.

  46. Jen says:

    Yup, me too – second from the left . . . .tanya (M/R Gallery)

  47. Hazel says:

    Do you have any more?…….just kidding……The second one closely followed by the first one.

  48. Beks says:

    I like the third one best, mainly because it’s different to the others. The first one is pretty on the money in the terms of proving the title though.

    Still can’t go past three 🙂

  49. Andrew Fuller says:

    Second from the left I would say, but they are all great Christian!

  50. Having sold hundreds of ‘coffee table’ books during my days at Voyager Estate I’d say image #2 would attract the most attention. They are all great images but #2 is the most intriguing.

    Any images from Tropfest?

  51. Anne-Marie McCarthy says:

    I’m too late I know … but it appears I’m the only one to love # 3 the best. The reflection, light & blue colour are breath-taking 🙂

  52. anne says:

    I like number 1, it really say light. Number two is awesome too, but it says reflection and light… Anyway, they are all gorgeous!

  53. Norell Carter says:

    The first photo on the left is definately the one for the cover of your book, without a doubt! It epitomizes the use of light. At the exhibition I also found myself wanting to keep going back to this particular photo so I could look closer, and closer at the people at the edge of the water. This focal point really draws you in and I’m sure it will have the same effect on the front cover of a book 🙂

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