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Wyadup Video

23 Feb 2009 at 11:52am

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/3278976] this is Michaels new vid of our other night at Wyadup Rocks. Pretty bloody awesome. Love the opening credit he created from filming the smoke from a stick of incense. Make sure you watch this in Vimeo not on the blog, click on the vimeo logo to get there.

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  1. matthewinman says:

    Nice video, Michael should submit some to Flicker Fest, he may win with product like that. Is that a simple Manfrotto 3 Way Head you’re now using? This page got me wondering a few weeks ago, I’ve since thinking of trying to stitch using my old RC141 since it’s more stable than my panoramic head, less faffing about too. What do you think?

  2. mervfrench says:

    Very nice, well done Michael, I love it. Gotta like the music again, you’ve got that worked out, fits perfectly. Really like that breaking wave shot.

    I can see a day when you could have an exhibition of short video’s on large flat panels all over the walls, Wouldn’t cost much to set up, a few bottles of wine bit of food and your’re away, oh don’t forget Qynn.

    Matthew that head works fine, I’ve got one. If you can hold still and don’t breath , you can get a good stitch hand held.

  3. That is probably my favorite of the vids of Michael’s that I’ve seen. Truly jawdropping stuff, fantastic. Also a great show of why landscape photography is pretty special!!!!!

  4. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Did I see a Peter Lik moment in there when you were running to catch a shot? hehe.

    Jamie Paterson

  5. Dave Catley says:

    Great video Mike, every one just keeps getting better 🙂

  6. Matt Lauder says:

    RED HOT…. loved it.

  7. Rod Thomas says:

    awesome video guys….. loved the music and everything about it….

  8. Clint Baker says:

    great vid Michael, love ur work….. and yes jamie i never thought christian would be running hahah…. tho with the shots u got CF i wold be running everywhere too

  9. Wow loved it. Quite “goose bumpy”.

    Hey Christian shot a wedding down there on the saturday. Awesome spot to shoot. Loving shooting all these new spots.

    Love your work.

  10. very nice, love the scene with the reflection and then the wave breaking across.

  11. Haydn Jones says:

    Its a great video. How good is live view for stitching.

  12. yeah Matt it is the old girl I have been using for ever!

    Jamie I didn’t have my bathers so I couldn’t run through the water.

    It was pretty exciting Clint and running was the best way to maximize the light.

    Thanks Tony, it is pretty good isn’t it!

    Live view is the best, feel sorry for those with crappy lcd’s

  13. Steve Gordon says:

    Magic moments bathed in magic light. Definitely the best yet from Michael. Loved every second.
    I just took my 3 way head off my old tripod to put a fluid head on for 5D2 video. I’m interested to know if that’s your preferred head now (for pano)


  14. muzz says:

    Another beautiful relaxing few minutes of crystal clarity. Would love to see a “bloopers” out-take edit – can imagine a little “Chariots of Fire” moment running across the sand there. Funny how video is a great medium to show still photographs.

  15. michaelolive says:

    Hi Christian, just got onto this blog recently so have been catching up on your posts. I must say that your photography is brilliant and very inspirational. I have recently started my own photography blog to try and help me develop my own skills and this site is full of great insight. Would love to see your gallery but live in Canberra unfortunately so will have to wait until they are available electronically. Just wondering whether the short photoshop tutorial videos ever got off the ground and if so where they can be found? Keep up the good work.

  16. matthewinman says:

    Have you got some sort of bracket on there because it seems to be rotating against some sort of central axis, the top plate looks horizontal but the camera isn’t, or are my eyes deceiving me?

    How are the t-shirts coming along?

  17. Sean Stak says:

    yeah whats this about a 3 way head? do i not need a pano head now?

  18. Steve have a look at my other post I outline what I use now.

    No silly moments yet Muzz, I’m very serious when I take photos 🙂

    Michael, I decided not to do them but might revisit that idea one day! Thanks for tuning into the blog.

    Matt see my other post too! T-shirts are slow mate, it is hard getting the idea accepted by the punters. Will be going to the printers soon.

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