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Rio Tinto

16 Mar 2009 at 7:17am

Sorry can’t show you the pic anymore as we can’t show Rio’s plants and technology off to the masses, that is you guys and girls. This is the first pic from my Rio Tinto job. It was good fun and my first time on a mine site, geez they are pretty strict on the safety stuff!! This was a 6 image stitch taken on the horizontal. It was an amazing plant and looked mint at night. Unfortunately we couldn’t get close to the big machinery but weren’t there to photograph it anyway.

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  1. Great stuff CF, That MK2 is proving it’s worth with photos like this I’d say.

  2. Haydn says:

    working for rio now christian, on the big bucks!

  3. Martin says:

    Nice capture.
    Industrial plants are normally very well lit up at night, and I’ve always wanted to take a camera on-site at night…but most plants have a strict no-camera rule

  4. mervfrench says:

    Great shot, my kinda thing, not a wave or beach in site, a yep from me, no doubt about it.

    Nice placement of the moon, I’d guess you had a small hand in that but I could be wrong.

    Where is this?

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Very crisp, great composition.

  6. ecomuseimages says:

    Never thought I would say this about a shot involving a minesite (after years working on one, its a bit like drinking a full bottle of port, good idea at the time but NEVER again)…that looks awesome mate!

  7. I’m with ecomouse, it’s a strange thing seeing a minesite looking great – but this is very nice. I reckon the moon must be blended in via multiple exposures or it would burn out completely, right?

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    nice shot mate…… never seen a mine site look so bloody good……..

  9. Great picture, but begs the question regarding the moon… was it really there 🙂 Either way, makes a great wall print for a Rio lobby!

  10. matthewinman says:

    Nice image, the moon just seals the deal with all the lighting on the structure. Who care’s if it’s faked, it balances out the image.

  11. Clint Baker says:

    nice job mate….. where are the shots from karijini????… ill be down ur way this weekend so stay out of my shots!!

  12. Haydn, haven’t seen a cent yet!! might get payment in shares, they just went up today!!

    yes the moon has been dropped in. It had come up and I think it was hidden behind the structure. I took a shot of it with the 400 and added it to the scene after. Had to reduce the size as it looked stupid.

    Clint, I’ll be looking to mess up your shots where ever I can.

    Cheers guys for the comments

  13. James says:

    Trying to work out which mine it was. You were near karajini, so was it Yandi, Hope Downs, Tom Price or Parabadoo

  14. pretty nice.
    industrial site’s provide pretty interesting shot’s.
    like this one quite a bit

  15. James it was Hope Downs South. Nice and new and clean looking.

  16. Simon Blears says:

    Gee, and here I was about to make a fool of myself and say that I thought it was “West Angelas”. I guess they used those plans to build HDS, it’s scary how similar it is.

  17. James says:

    Thanks man, I was the project engineer on the camp!!! The standards of camps now days are amazing.

  18. yeah i thought the mining guys did it tough but the accommodation and facilities were pretty good. I think they might all be a little soft!! hehe

  19. kirkhille says:

    Great shot christian look like it hasnt change much since i was last there

  20. mervfrench says:

    Thats ok…. I used that cut and paste technique you taught me to save a few copies and post them around the internet!!!!

  21. mervfrench says:

    Just joking……….

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