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Next course and last Till September

25 Mar 2009 at 2:07am

Hows that for a bit of pressure selling!!! I am going to run a course on the 18th of April at my Dunsborough gallery at 7.30 pm. It will be $250 per person and go for around 5 hours. I will cover all aspects of my workflow from capture to fine art printing. If you are wanting to get on for the last workshop I will be running for a whilst let me know asap. From May to August I will be away on the East coast getting pics for what I hope will be a book on Australia.

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  1. muzz says:

    Lock me in Christian!!!

  2. Donelle says:

    Can I bring baby???

  3. Brett says:

    Any chance you can schedule one over here in Sydney when you’re over taking shots?

  4. done
    no 🙂
    will look into it Brett

  5. Sean Mcleod says:

    Hi Christian
    Please put me down for your workshop,looking forward to it.


  6. sorry CF don’t need to do the course again, but can I come on the east coast trip ?
    Can’t wait for the book, I’m sure it will be good. Have fun.

  7. DannyScott says:

    Hey mate, I’ve already sent an email, but can you put me down for the workshop. that would be most excelent. Thanks

  8. mervfrench says:

    I’m your second helper on the east coast trip ….there that’s done you don’t have to worry about offsiders now, you can get on with other business.

  9. Christian says:

    your in Sean
    Peter you and Merv can come to carry the bags, do the washing and prepare all meals!!
    Dan your in.

  10. wayte27 says:

    Hey Christian,
    I have sent you an email about attending the workshop
    cant wait !
    Cheers Adrian

  11. philback says:

    hey christian

    thanks for the comments and the link to you blog i will have to get my butt into gear
    we should all get together for a shoot some time that might be a consideration


  12. Haydn Jones says:

    Christian, Are you still going to have tutes either online or DVD?

  13. Donelle says:

    Ah well Christian thought I better ask!!! You wouldnt want me to bring my princess anyway she would take away all the attention from you, and you are the star after all!! hahaha lol
    Im hoping to get to a course before the end of this year! By then I should have learnt some more about photoshop and might actually understand what your saying!!! hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. anne says:

    I seriously though about coming, but stupid plane ticket price won’t let me do it!
    Oh well, I’ll start saving up for september.
    Please to do a video of the course for the far away ones?

  15. muzz says:

    Woohoo – I’m in! Now, if only I had a nice t-shirt to wear……..:)

  16. sure Phil, I was thinking of a group photo fest myself down the track, will work on that idea.

    Haydn, still don’t know. It is something I have to decide to do soon before everyone gets sick of asking!

    No worries Donelle, it is hard to compete with a baby!! hehe.

    Anne you don’t want to be that bored do you :-0)

    Have you ordered the TNFP shirt Muzz, if not why not!!!

  17. Rod Thomas says:

    Id be keen for the east coast workshop as well mate… if u need a hand with trying to track a place down, could help with that too…..

    cant wait to get my shirt ! !

  18. muzz says:

    Ohh, you have a nice T-shirt for sale – I didn’t realise! I’m not sure I’m worthy. Hope you have them for sale at the course.

  19. no Muzz you have to read the previous post on the TNFP shirts. If you want to order one you will need to do it now. I will wear mine at the workshop!

    Thanks Rod, don’t know how many people would want to come to a workshop on the east coast held by me but you never know.

  20. Greg Woolley says:

    Hi Christon,
    Love to attend your course on April 18. Please put me down to be there.

  21. Phil Leavesley says:

    Hi Christian

    I am a good mate of Kevin Davis, based in Johannesburg, South Africa and find your site very inspiring and regularly follow the blog. I also do panoramic photography but with a fotoman 617 pano camera scanned on an Imacon but doing a lot more sticthing on my sony alpha dslr. Wondering if you have thought about producing a recorded version of your workflow workshops for sale and download much like on luminous landscape. May extend your international reach and would eb valuable for those of us that cannot make it to Oz to attend in person.Perhaps release it some weeks after the actual event? If ever visit SA for a photographic trip do give me a call as could take you to some awesome off the road photographic places in my landy!


    Phil Leavesley

  22. I think Kevin mentioned you last time he was here. I introduced him to the stitching idea. I am still unsure about the on-line vids but can see the potential for international exposure. Say hi to Kevin for me. Cheers

  23. Craig Chiswell says:

    Hi Christian, absolutely put me down for the course, just one thing, where do i put my deposit down to confirm it.
    cheers. Actually, will ring the Dunsy Shop. Cheers

  24. Sean Stak says:

    any other bloggers gonna be there? i

  25. Eric Robertson says:

    Christian, I know a few people that would be keen for one of your workshops over here in the East Coast. I think there would be a bit of interest!

  26. Christian says:

    A few I think Stakky.

  27. Lee Sieracki says:

    Hi Christian, do you have room for one more at this course? I’d love to be there too, Lee.

  28. Helen says:

    Hi Christian! I’ve been waiting for another of your courses since January! Do you have room for 2 more?

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