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East Coast Workshops

30 Mar 2009 at 7:12am

cn793d I will be on the East Coast for 3 months shooting for my new book on Australia. I am thinking about running my night course over there if I can get enough interest. I will be in all states and the NT hopefully so if you could let me know if you would come that would help my decision to do them. It will be the same as what I hold in WA, i.e. cost $250 and includes free wine, Desert and a workbook. Not to mention lots of fun and learning.

This image was from a shoot I had last week with Mark. I worked this image for 1.5 hours then resized it for the web. Then I went and saved it that size and closed it down realizing I didn’t do a SAVE AS. Fudge’n Hell. Always hit save as, always hit save as, always hit save as………….

Also just clicked over 150,000 hits in 15 months. Man have I typed my little hands off!!!

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  1. Christian, What were you thinking??? Was it something to do with Karijini Dreaming. I have no doubt some of your regulars on this forum will jump at the chance to have a laugh!!!

  2. I know, can’t believe I saved it as a small file. I don’t mind it too. Now I have to go back and try and do it all over again!!! Hope some people are interested.

  3. Yes, it would be frustrating to rework it and then not sell any.

  4. Martin says:

    Ouch @ losing your full size edited image!

    That’s one of the reasons I always ensure I make a backup copy of all images before I start editing 😉

  5. I still have the raw image, just wish I can remember how I got this one!!!

  6. brett says:

    Save As. Wow, its good to know that even the masters sometime show signs of “human” foibles the rest of us probably trip ourselves up on more often than we’d like to admit.

    I’d attend a workshop in Sydney, as long as you bring the margaret river whites, and a swag of the 40″ framed prints so we can experience the “immersive” west-coast experience. 🙂 OK, so I’m joking – about the wine :):) Nah really, the workshop content is what I would look forward to, and of course the witty banter from the MC. Bring it on!

  7. Rod Thomas says:

    im in…..
    let me know when and where in NSW

  8. wow very cool image!
    yes, you must be spewing about having to do it all over again!

    love that header!!
    i hope you’re going to post that one in full size! 🙂

  9. Dylan Fox says:

    your an idiot! (someone had to be honest! 😉 )
    I love this shot mate! Great colours, great detail, and the light looks great!

  10. Julia says:

    (said in a thick Russian accent) OH Christian I would LOVEVVVE to come on one of your workshops. I am quivveriing with the thought of you next to me as we shot together. If you hold my tripod I would shurely not be able to control myself. Your distinguished looks and worldly charm has me shaken at the knees baby. Book me in now you Big Stud!

  11. Sean Stak says:

    happened to me as well… farken annoying wish i was using LR. Nice shot anyways

  12. Fantastic image! Very inspirational.

  13. Can’t you just re-open the RAW file and run the TNFP filter again and that’s it??? 😀

  14. dylanfox says:

    WOW! My comment has just turned around and nipped me in the bum!
    An hour an 12 mins of PS work on a car image and I was on me way to save it as it was finished and PS decided it was tired and it was time to crash!
    Fcuk! Oh well back to the drawing board now!

  15. Ric says:

    I’m interested in attending anything on offer in Vic or Tas Christian.

    A moment with you is always woth the $$$

  16. Tony Middleton says:

    Hey Christian – Cool image though I think I’d prefer it as a square crop, chopping off the sand in the foreground..

    I’d be interested in attending if you held one at Inverloch…If not perhaps Melbourne could be possible 🙂

  17. Greg says:

    Christian, great news you are looking at East Coast workshops. Don’t forget Canberra as well, plenty of photographers would be interested and Canberra always gets left out.

  18. Peter Allen says:

    Christian, I would be a starter if it’s in Melbourne (or possibly Sydney) and after 18 May.

  19. all good, I’ll tally up the results and see which town I will be in to hold some courses. You guys that have put your hands up, do you think you might be able to fine more people that would be interested in coming along? Tony my sister in law lives in Inverloch. That might be a definite. I like Canberra Greg, how many punters do you think you might be able to get?
    If you guys can get 10 people each to come with you I will throw your course in for free! how about that, geez I’m generous.

  20. michaelolive says:

    Hi Christian, I am in Canberra same as Greg and would definitely come. Would also be happy to travel to Sydney for a night also. I will ask around to see if I can find some interest in Canberra and let you know.

  21. Tony Middleton says:

    Excellent Christian ! Keep us informed about it and your travels/timing as it would be good to catch up regardless. I am curious to when you will be around this part of the country as I generally getaway from the southern winter ! 🙂

    Is there a private msg feature on here ?

  22. Christian says:

    Tony the plan is to be in Melbourne around july just before we head home. The rest of the time we are going to be all over the show. Don’t know about private messaging just send it straight to my email address.

    Thanks Michael will make a note of that and let you know what our plans will be, cheers.

  23. drewhopper says:

    Hey Christian, great shot here! The exposure is great and the lighting is pure serenity if you ask me. Keep up the good work!


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