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12 Apr 2009 at 12:49am

by230d Haven’t posted for a while, haven’t been taking many photos. Earlier this week Mark Stothard and I went for a shoot around the back of Rocky Point. This little bay is such a nice spot for a swim. On the other side we saw a seal having a feed. I’m sure there was a Great White circling near by!!!
This was a blended image, not HDR.

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  1. mervfrench says:

    Not your usual style, but a nice shot.

    Good to see you back.

  2. Luke Austin says:

    Nice shot Christian, that water looks so inviting. I actually tried to dive in but I just ended up head butting my monitor.

  3. I really like the colour of the water here, Christian… What is blended in this one – Sky?

  4. Levi says:

    The colour of that water is awesome.

  5. yes this is a step back to my earlier days of shooting more realistic landscapes. Kind of refreshing for a change. The sky was blended in, didn’t have my lee 77mm adapter ring. My bro has it. In fact he has all my gear for the rest of this month as he is away in Monkey Mia and from there he is straight on to True North to do the pilot episode for their new documentary series. Lucky prick.

  6. kirkhille says:

    nice shot Christian ,
    havent been to this location before , deffinatly love the water color down south you get amazing blues in it

  7. mervfrench says:

    Ahh….. back to basics and realism just like my work, we have so much in common…….

  8. Nice one, ripples in the water looks good! Did I see you driving down near wyadup this morning?? maybe I was seeing things after my long drive haha.

  9. Nope but I was riding my bike in that direction this morning Will.

    Merv you and I could be brothers!!!

    Kirke it is around from Rocky Point or basically the Eastern end of Bunker Bay. Which ever way you go it is a decent walk. See I do get out of the car!!!

  10. philback says:

    nice shot christian

    i copied and pasted it and converted it to b+w looks cool but i didnt wanna post it just incase it pissed you off he he
    you should tell your bro to buy his own stuff and just give mark the bill ha ha ha he will prob kill me for saying that
    nice place anywho

  11. thats fine mate, convert away, show me the pic, I’ll tell you if I like it or not!
    Don’t think Mark will want to buy Michaels crap, Might make him pay for his!!

  12. Love the colour of the water, does look really inviting… probably a bit on the chilly side this time of the year I bet. I was expecting to see a painting with light photo as your next post, based on the plug you gave Brent’s e-book 🙂

  13. philback says:

    hey christian

    ok i will post it on my blogg let us no what ya think
    (oh crap what have i gotten my self into)

  14. the water looks so nice!
    very nice shot!

    was awesome seeing your wyadup rocks pic in your Dunsborough gallery.
    man it looks amazing in person!!

  15. yeah it looks good doesn’t it Stephen

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