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Lens for Sale, buy it so I get a free Beer

14 Apr 2009 at 3:45am

Rod has a bargain going, if anyone wants a new kick-arse 50mm f/1.2

I am wanting to sell ( regretably ) my one month old 50mm 1.2L Canon lens. I brought it from Discount Digital here in Sydney approx one month ago. There is a genuine reason for selling, and I dont really want to sell it, but for anyone that is serious you can email me on studio@rodthomas.com.au or call 0417 677966 for further information. Included with this lens will be a 72mm adaptor ring for anyone that has the Lee filter system and Ill pay for freight anywhere in Australia. I am asking only $1800, which is a saving of about $300. If anyone needs a recommendation for this lens, I am sure Christian will vouch that they are truly an awesome piece of glass.

This is my favorite lens and the one I use for most of my shots, get in quick!! Rod I like Redback!!!

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  1. Christian says:

    what, that was quick!! Nice purchase Neal, Your a prime man now, there will be no stopping you!! Bring on that beer!!!! Hell lets make it a carton!!!

  2. Look out stirling ranges here I come PRIMED and ready ! You snooze you loose … My man Kirk gave me the heads up. No hesitation at all. Now I need to take some pics of the 24-70 I’ll be selling …

    Can we smuggle beers into the vege place? I liked what I ordered last time. Beer will be coming next time we catch up …

  3. Christian says:

    great lens for any occasion mate. As for drinking beer at Samudra, that would be a big no. Still if disguised as a apple juice you will have no problems.

  4. Well just have to go across the road after a feed …

  5. nice one Neal its an awesome lens!! primes ftw!

  6. Rod Thomas says:

    Thanks heaps for your help huh… a carton will be hard to get in the post, so if its ok with you, ill have it ready here for you when you come over this way….Its a hard beer to get here, but I am on the job. Thanks again mate and Neal, I’ll be in touch tomorrow ok

  7. No probs mate, and I was just joking about the beer. Glad you sold the lens. It is going to a good home and a great photographer. Happy to be of service.

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    Im not… when u get here the beers are on me ! ! !

  9. Samudra was nice. What if we told them it was ‘organic’ beer that we were drinking?

  10. nup no good, give up the beer and go the green smoothie!!

  11. Uummm is there a special ingredient in the green smoothie that is as good as beer? Is that why your eyes went red and you started to giggle at everything?

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