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21 Apr 2009 at 12:09pm

Hi all. Well the new Stock site is live. Some small changes will be made over the next few weeks but check it out here Australia Stock Photos

It was created by the team at Clever Starfish and I can’t say enough good things about them. If you need a website check them out here.

Now it is up to me to get the details to you so you can start submitting photos for approval to join the site. Will work on that now.

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  1. New site looks and navigates really well. The images look great. Credit to those involved.

  2. kirkhille says:

    looks good Christian ,
    Nice and clean looking
    They should be starting mine in the next few weeks 🙂

  3. Looks very cool Christian … Glad you are happy with Clever Starfish, Dave sounds tired, I told him to just work Levi harder 🙂

  4. Love it. Very clean and professional.
    not bad for Starfish

  5. thanks boys, I didn’t do much, but I did pay for it so I should get a pat on the back for that!!! Dave and the crew are really good to deal with.

  6. mervfrench says:

    Looks good, I like the layout and the presentation. I find it a bit slow to load. I googled a few other sites around here and overseas and they seem faster and quicker to find something.

    Anyway lets hope it’s a success for everyone involved.

  7. slow? its as fast as google for me

  8. yeah it is pretty fast for me too Merv, I would check your connection speed, see if your getting what you pay for. What browser do you use?

  9. mervfrench says:

    Maybe it’s just the connection here tonight. It happens, sometimes it’s faster than others.

  10. Who are you using to as the host company Christian?

  11. Levi says:

    Great to hear you’re happy with the site Christian!

  12. Dave Catley says:

    Neal, looks like ASP is hosted by http://www.fasthit.net on a Linux box running Apache.

  13. Love it Levi, and Neal you need to direct all the technical questions to my new unpaid techo Dave!! :-0)

  14. dannyscott says:

    The site worked pretty fast for me. It looks very professional, hopefully ill get something on it one day.

  15. Donelle says:

    Love the site Christian, very swish!!!! You need to add that beautiful shot of the horses you had on here to the animals section! I love that pic and would buy one for my niece!!!

  16. Christian says:

    hi Donelle that is on the new CF site which will be and going by next week I hope, you have been quiet?

  17. Donelle says:

    Hey there CF I have been very busy with baby lately, I check in most days but Im boring and dont really have much to say! I love the new ASP site but I have no photos for you, mine are all shite after seeing what you have on there!!! No need for me to try anymore, I think I will just stick to taking photos of the kids!!

  18. Christian says:

    your not boring, Merv must miss you I think!! Think of the ASP site as a challenge to get work on to it would be like being accepted by your peers and motivate you to get better at taking photographs.

  19. mervfrench says:

    Hey Donnelle …you can join Muzz and myself in our ASP site ( Absolute Shite Photo’s) we’re going to flood the market with them …(:

    How are the cows?

  20. mervfrench says:

    Hey Fletch , bye the way the site is loading quickly now , excellent in fact. Must have been a slow speed night the on Tue.

  21. Donelle says:

    Hey Merv, hmmmmmm I think I would have plenty of pics for your site not so many for Christians, none even!! And the cows are good, how are the sheep???

  22. muzz says:

    Just a thought – I think it would be good to navigate through a folder (e.g. “Beach”) at the larger size, sort of slideshow style, rather than returning to the page of thumbnails after reviewing the larger version on it’s own page.

  23. Christian says:

    that looks nice but what we want is people being able to browse quickly find what they want and buy it. The site is for people wanting to buy stock and they don’t need fancy slideshows that will take up there time. Sorry Muzz the slideshow idea has just been torpedoed!!

  24. muzz says:

    Fair ’nuff! I didn’t actually mean slideshow, I really meant forward/back buttons on the individual pages. When I’m at 20 000 feet in my corporate jet browsing the site looking for a new branding image, I don’t want to keep having to go back to the thumbnail page after checking out the large images one at a time. I think I’d even prefer that the large image opened up in a new tab/window which is easier to close than going backwards all the time. You’re right though, you want it to be quick – who wants to be browsing corporate images when they could be drinking bubbly in the spa with the secretary.

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