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Last Perth workshop till the end of the year

21 Apr 2009 at 5:30am

course-poster-prai I have been under the pump to run one more workshop before heading off to the East coast to shoot the place up, so here it is. To be held on the 5th of May at 6.30pm at PRA Imaging. I’m sure Brendan will have some super red hot deals on the night too if anyone wants to buy a new Nikon or Canon! See the brochure for more details. Hope you can get to it. Sorry to those who just drove to Dunsborough to attend the last workshop, think of it as a forced holiday and I was doing you a favour. :-0) Details of PRA can be found here.


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  1. muzz says:

    Glad I went to Dunsborough for the course instead of the big smoke, but I wonder if PRA would consider doing a special deal on a “CF tripod kit” with all the bits – I’d be interested in that setup.

    Sorry to hear you’re under the pump again – seems like it’s a conspiracy. Hopefully the East coast will be a smooth cruise.

  2. Haydn says:

    I checked PRA on Friday and the Canon 5DII was $3825. Checked again on Sunday or Monday to find the price $4185. Maybe with this event the price might go down a little bit for people who attend 😉

  3. ASF looking good Mr CF

  4. yep some more adjustments to be made to the flash on the home page and it will be done.

  5. Tim Pokorny says:

    Christian, I’m keen to get to this (living in Perth and having no car, I have few other options!). How do I sign up?

  6. Tim I have you down as coming and will send you all the finer details later today.

  7. khengteo says:

    Count me in too Christian. Do I need to send you an email or a response in the forum is good enough? Will be really good to find out your workflows especially now since I moved from a PC to a MAC 🙂

  8. khengteo says:

    Crap… I realised that I won’t be in Perth at that time!!! What a bummer sorry to post the previous message just to post another one to retract!
    What a bummer 🙁 sorry

  9. Levi says:

    Hey Christian, thanks for the invite, I’ll definitely be able to make it if there’s still a spot for me. 🙂

  10. Christian says:

    Your in Levi, see you on the night, cheers

  11. ok Christian Book me in please if there is a free spot 🙂 Would like to come to this!!!

  12. Cheers for the workshop Christian learnt quite a few new Tricks, was good to see everthing you do, I recommend these courses! makes me want to go on the Karijini workshop now haha.

  13. thanks for coming Will, Karijini is going to be the ultimate.

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