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The brand New TNFP shirts are GO!!

29 Apr 2009 at 6:11am

Hi guys the TNFP shirts are printed and will be shipped as soon as I get some addresses. On the list we have Matt Inman x 2, (have your address Matt), Tom Parkes x 1, Adrian Wayte x 2, Steve Gordon x 1, Rod Thomas x 1, Phil Maguire x 1, Craig Chiswell x 1. These are $35 each plus $7.50 postage and handling. So can you guys send me an email to confirm the details and let me know where to send the shirts to. 

Also I have a range of TNFP shirts going out at cost because the printer reversed the text, the TNFP is in orange on the black shirt without the box around it, not as spunky as the original. Let me know if you want one, price is $25 buckaroonies, what an absolute bargain!!

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  1. Sean Stak says:

    heh heh…. $25 for a “TNFP” shirt…even I would buy one at that price and I’m as tight as Bro!

  2. Rod Thomas says:


    I cant wait to wait to wear mine in WA huh when I get there……
    Will email you later on this morning

  3. brentbat says:

    What the hell is TNFP? Do I have to trawl back through your blog to find the answer?


  4. muzz says:

    I’m betting when you ordered them for the average (good-looking athletic) photographer and don’t have my size! I could always buy 2 and stitch them together.

  5. I have an XL second for sale mate. They are designed to be tight fitting to show off your rippling torso. They make anyone look cut!!!


  6. Thanks for the explanation Christian

    I’ll take one XL T shirt… and also one of those filters 😉


  7. muzz says:

    Put me down for an XL if you have any left now. They say black is a slimming colour anyway so who knows. When I’ve got it I’ll send you a 5 image panoramic stitch self-portrait to show you how it looks!!

  8. Hey Christian,
    I grabbed one of those reverse TNFP shirts when I was at your workshop mate, that’ll do me for now, I wear it every time I go shooting, and I’m not washing it because you’re hands touched it…. eeeeek!!!! (loud girlie groupie type scream).

    I think my photography has improved a hundred fold since i actually started wearing the t-shirt, my mind is so much clearer, it’s like i’m in the photo zone. Razor sharp.

    I would recommend anyone get into one of these. I only got the ‘reject’ batch, imagine what the ‘real deal’ could do for your work.


    ps. This blatant plug was moulded from the lessons I am learning as a ‘fletcherite’, from the king of blatant plugs. CF, do I get a scratch and sniff ‘SW wine’ sticker for that. hmmm

  9. Sean Stak says:

    reject batch seems to work fine for me Craig! cant help but notice additional feminine attention at school lately (and additional confused looks).

    Fletch did you edit my last post?! i seroiusly cant remember me saying that!

  10. matthewinman says:

    Don’t forget to enclose autographed Karijini book. It’s been a long time in the making but the legend has been born and now another legend has been seeded, bring it on… The “I SURVIVED UKEW” shirt, sounds like a goer to me:)

  11. Im guessing the Reject back will make it cooler and maybe a collectors item? lol Whats the largest size you have Christian??? I am rather tall, guess it will be easy to spot each other out shooting haha.

  12. Christian says:

    yeah I did, remember I am in control of this site mate and only good things go on it! No sledging the Fletch or the mighty TNFP shirt!!

  13. Christian says:

    Matthew the shirts and book are on the way. Cheers

  14. muzz says:

    Hey Brent you were probably hoping the T-shirt would glow in the dark and help out with your night photography but you might be disappointed. I thought there was a bit of a glow when I saw Christian wearing it, but then I realised it wasn’t the T-shirt!

  15. Will I don’t have any large ones left, you might have to wait for the second print run later in the year.

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