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Maheno Wreck

30 May 2009 at 11:17pm

fraser island 1 Had to get one photo of a wreck and this one is mint. We got up with the kids at 5am to get this shot, just managed the sunrise but it was better a little later. This was shot with the ND filter and stylized in photoshop. A four image stitch with the camera on the horizontal. A couple of dingos were playing close by so I had one eye on the kids and the other on the light. Fraser Island was pretty cool but the 4WD tracks got a bit tiresome. Driving on the beach was great fun.

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Fingal Head

30 May 2009 at 10:52pm

fingal head LH Brent Pearson told me about this spot so Mark Stothard and I went to check it out. There are some amazing rock formations there and I will post a pic of those later. Mark managed to soak his camera in salt water when a wave hit him on the top of a 50 ft cliff face. This a day or two after the big swells hit the coast. Just as well he has a mark III. A little wash in fresh water and he was right to go again. This is a neat little light house.

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Natural Bridge

27 May 2009 at 9:57am

natural bridge I have always wanted to photograph this spot. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be due to the huge contrast. I think shooting this when it was darker outside that would have helped. Still it is pretty amazing and the water was thundering down that hole in the rock. Other shots I have seen of this place the water is just a trickle. Mark and I got lucky, or unlucky, not sure really.

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Golden Times on the Gold Coast

27 May 2009 at 9:31am

GC St1 copy This is a pic of me roughing the wilds of the Gold Coast with my buddy Mark Stothard
It was a great sunrise and a wind down after the big day previous at Lamington National Park with all round good guy Nick Rains . Mark picked me up at 5.30am and as we drove down the road a km we noticed a knocking sound in the car. Sure enough a bloody flat tire. Just as well we weren’t going far. Got my feet wet so you could say it was an extreme shoot!! Yesterday Mark ended up having three leeches on his feet. I guess that happens when you walk for 12kms in a rainforest in bare feet!! Funny stuff. Nick looked a little shocked when Mark jumped out of the car in thongs!

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Curtis Falls

24 May 2009 at 10:51pm

curtis falls This is a lovely spot, and the place where the leech tried to get some royal blood. Bagged it up and took it home to show the kids, set it free in my boys sleeping bag. Four image stitch. The National Parks at Tambourine Mountain are over fenced off and regulated. You get fined if you get off the boardwalk, I guess there are so many more people using these parks.

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Cameron Falls Walk

24 May 2009 at 10:43pm

tamborine 3 This was a fantastic walk through the rainforest to a nice waterfall. Unfortunately access was restricted again and couldn’t get a great view of the main falls. This was the creek that was feeding the falls. No leeches on this trip as we stuffed tobacco into our socks. Was like wearing a patch and felt yuck by mid day. Just absorbed a pack of smokes!!! ahhh!!!

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Tambourine Mountain

24 May 2009 at 5:04am

tamborine 2 We are currently staying in the Tambourine Mountains and trying to dodge the rain. The positive is that all the creeks and waterfalls are going off. Got some better shots than this one this morning on a great rainforest walk. The photographers here are spoilt. If you can’t get a nice forest pic you are either blind or off your nut! which in the case of Nimbin would be most likely. Today has been perfect for photography. Should get better as the week progresses. Had my first encounter with a Cane Toad yesterday, big ugly suckers they are. I did the right thing and belted it to death, wasn’t pretty though and you could hear my squeals for miles. I then had to pick the sucker up and put it in the bin. Didn’t think they were this far down.

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Like a Fish out of Water

21 May 2009 at 2:28am

salmon dark Well here we are at the kids funarama in Byron Bay. What else can we do to keep sane! I have no images with me to work so I and posting this fish I drew in Corel Painter a whilst ago. With all the flooding here I wish I was a fish so I could get out and explore. Kids are having fun though so at least two people are enjoying their holiday. I’m sure there are some serious bugs flying around in this place, don’t worry though, I have the antibacterial gel to smother ourselves in when we leave. Ah, what was that photography thing I came here for???

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