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  1. mervfrench says:

    The Atherton Tablelands is a great place. I could have stayed around there for a couple of days but we were only there for a couple of hours as we were heading for Cape York as our objective.

    Some of the richest soil I’ve ever seen around there and beautiful countryside.

    The Mary or Margaret falls are a bit east of there if I remember rightly they are quite high.

  2. Lol06 says:

    Very nice composition and feelings. So fresh.

  3. Nice one mate!

    Looks like you might finally be getting some good shooting conditions…hopefully it will keep it up for you in the closing days of your trip!



  4. very nice.
    good to see you got some nice light

  5. Love the deep rich colours in this picture. Looks really relaxing an peaceful. Hopefully capturing it felt that way too… oh, just read your post… sounds like you were rather excited and in a rush 😉 Great job.

  6. mattlauder says:

    Very clean and crisp.. even looks like it would have been cold, but it’s Nth Qld so how could it be. The fence works a treat in the shot.

  7. matthewinman says:

    Another top shot, I do like a fence post or two in an image, it’s another way to create a sense of scale.

  8. philback says:

    nice shot CF have to say i really like this one
    its awesome bro


  9. michaelolive says:

    Beautiful shot Christian, great light and excellent use of the fence as a lead in line. Seeing as though it is Nth Qld I know that is fake cold but works a treat none the less.

  10. haydnjones says:

    wow Christian, that shot has taken me to another place. Thats what photography is about!

  11. muzz says:

    Awesome shot! I love the combination of the soft ethereal tones in the distance with the sharp and contrasty foreground.

  12. Tom with the pink feather boa says:

    nice shot shame about the fence…

    (says he who was complaining about all the man-made structures in previous posts!)

  13. It’s not fake cold, it’s the Atherton tablelands, it’s west of Cairns & areas on the Atherton tablelands for example ,Herberton can reach 2 degrees celscious.

  14. Love it, sure to be a hit when printed large in one of your galleries …

  15. love this shot, reminds me of home :), lived up there for half my life 🙂

    i still want to move back there!

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