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Millaa Millaa

21 Jun 2009 at 4:11am

millaa Have you ever been to a place and realised it was nothing like what you imagined???? Enter the Millaa Millaa falls. I saw Ken Duncans pic of this waterfall and thought that is a magic spot. The reality is somewhat different. Toilets, carpark and a cement platform at the base of the falls to walk out on all in view of the main falls. In fact you could almost shoot this from your car window. How to stuff up a place in three easy steps. I shouldn’t complain though, you don’t need to walk very far. Still if I didn’t tell you you would go there thinking what a magic place it must be, till you smelt the toilets!!

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  1. Dylan Fox says:

    Awesome shot!
    The water in this looks perfect and the movement in the trees really adds to it!
    Top stuff!

  2. Very nicely done, love the framing with the ferns, looks like it was quite windy hehe, I was just lookin at liks photo from here yesterday havnt heard of this spot before.!

  3. wayte27 says:

    Hey CF
    Despite your description this is simply awesome. I would say maybe your best waterfall image from you trip, how ironic coming from a car park!
    I could look at this image all day
    regards Adrian

  4. great shot, i think i’m yet to see a image of these falls i don’t like 🙂
    it’s definitely an iconic location, it does look amazingly mysterious.

    i guess that’s a good thing about photography- you can take a small section of that location and remember that. sounds like we’re lucky that camera’s don’t capture smell though…

  5. This would be my favourite waterfall shot of yours so far CF, fantastic. you Might want to pack a peg in the camera bag next time for the stinking toilets…. love the telephone photo as well, anything with a bit of nice red in it works I reckon.

  6. kirkhille says:

    Another Great shot mate looks like your getting a tone of images over there

  7. Yea I know what you mean about stuffing great ‘wilderness’ areas up. And wer’re still doing it. ISOLATION IS THE BEST FORM OF CONSERVATION IF YOU ASK ME. Btw your pic is much better than KD’s. Cheers

  8. Fantastic shot! Love the position of the waterfall and motion of the water. Better than the last waterfall shot.

  9. mattlauder says:

    Yep thats Millaa Millaa. When I shot there each exposure was about 3 minutes on the 6×17, which was enough time for the Blue Rinse Tour buses to roll up and everyone to stand at the base of the falls (on the concrete pad and in my shot) took 5 shots just to get one without people getting in it 2 minutes into the exposure.

  10. Tom with the pink feather boa says:

    At least you had water! When i went about 5 years back, North Queensland was going through a massive drought and hadn’t had a wet season in ages. My shot had barely a trickle coming down the waterfall! But I must admit, the place is overated…and besides, we’ve seen the shot a million times before. Much rather see something different.

  11. Luke Austin says:

    I had exactly the same disappointment when I visited Milla Milla in 2004. It is a real shame. You have done well to eliminate all that bullshit in this image though. I really like it.

  12. matthewinman says:

    Nice one Christian, I’m with you and David, if it’s too easy to get to it’s hard to get a decent photo. Either that or there’re are a heap of warning signs to get in the way in case you hurt yourself. it all makes it hard to get an image that hasn’t been done before.

  13. Sean Stak says:

    Same publicized fate as Karijini i guess. Great shot btw. One of my favorite anyways

  14. Yep, cool shot for sure dude!



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