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Jurassic Park

24 Jun 2009 at 11:00am

jurrasic This is from tonight at a place Brent calls Jurassic Park.
Again it is a scramble across slippery wet rock before getting washed to your death by the heavy swell that was running. Good fun, I think!!! Still trying to find some new boxer shorts after some impressive set waves got a little too close. Had my shoes soaked 4 times today from not looking at the ocean carefully enough. This is a dangerous game taking photos, and that is just from the harsh blog posts when the horizons aren’t straight. Thanks to Brent for light painting these rocks for us (his mate Tim joined us) To say I got a bit of sledging for being a WA shooter was an understatement. Yes I know I have a spelling mistake in the title!!!

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  1. wayte27 says:

    Hey Christian,
    That is great image. Really like the light painting. Mate you need to go rock fishing more down south, cardinal rule, never take ones eyes of the water !
    Look forward to the canon X images to come hint hint
    Cheers Adrian

  2. mervfrench says:

    Looks a little like a tourist park attraction with the lights on.

    That’s just my opinion and other may well disagree.

  3. Waycool shot mate!

    I had an Italian photographer over recently and he identified my passion for dramatic shots and I guess that is why this one appeals. I think this one and the 3 statues are my favs from your trip so far.



  4. Tommy P says:

    So have u lined up a shoot for me as well at PMA??? I’ll have a new 5D needing a workout…

  5. Tim Donnelly says:

    Gee that was quick! Looks great and thanks for the Beverage! Looks like this morning would have been a cracking sky..im a little jealous now! Take care

  6. your right Adrrian, it is too easy to forget where you are, especially when it is dark.

    ah Merv, you say it how you see it, your one big amusement ride mate.

    Thanks Mark your on the christmas list, Merv has been scrubbed!! hehe

    Tom sure mate, one on one for you is a million bucks and a pink feather boa!!

    Tim it was brilliant. Went to the pool at Curl Curl and only wet the shoes once!!

  7. Nick Rains says:

    Hi Christian

    Keep that camera dry – 5Ds are not 1Ds!

    I’m around at PMA all three days – see you there.

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    Nice shot mate…… Very different but cool none the less ! ! !

  9. muzz says:

    Looks great – blue and gold is a winner! Can’t fault that horizon either. Are you working on Brent to come west and wet his boots at some local favourite rocky outcrops? Would be great to do a workshop with him.

  10. mervfrench says:

    Amusement ride eh….well your probably right. I’m up and down and colurful with plenty of thrills, yeah I like that discription, thanks mate.

    Still waiting for last years xmas card!!!!!

  11. see you there Nick, i have lost your number can you send it to me. Yes we keep the 5D2 out of the water!!

    Muzz, Brent is coming to do the Karijini workshop, you should try to get on too.

    don’t forget amusement rides can also make you sick hehehe, didn’t you get that card mate, damn.

  12. mervfrench says:

    Bugger …..never thought of that!!!

  13. cool shot light painting is fun, looks prety dangerous!! climbing down a rope with your gear musnt be easy haha, my mkII was rained on the weekend and still works! was only light though.

  14. Casey says:

    This is outstanding Christian, and I love that you have a guy who I am guesing painted the rocks for you in your shot which give you a scale on the size of these massive rocks.

  15. Sean Stak says:

    goodonya fletch another great shot.

  16. Sven says:

    I’m glad to see that Aussies are just as coast conscious as us Yanks. NSW versus WA sounds the same as East Coast versus West Coast (and yes, people do tend to capitalize those words). Pretty gnarly shooting, mate. And folks think that good photography is all luck and no risk taking!

  17. Gabby says:

    Absolutely amazing light!

  18. That was Brent in the shot Casey, we made him paint the rocks, there was no way I was going down there, those rocks were slippery as and the odd sneaker set was coming through. Not fun when it is almost black.

    Sven yep there is a bit of rivalry between the coasts, and yes if you want the good shots you need someone to take all the risks for you!! Brent is the man!

    Thanks Stakky, Gabby and Will.

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