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Video from Brent Pearson of Our Shoot

27 Jun 2009 at 7:36am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/5344068] This is a video Brent knocked up of our trip to Canyon X etc. This is a pretty good effort since he is sitting editing the video with two drips in his arms. He has had a bad bug for a while and it has flared up recently. Poor bloke has to fly to America tomorrow, not something I would be looking forward to if I was crook! Then he isn’t scared of heights and big waves so no little bug is going to stop him. Cheers mate for the video and enjoy the states.
On another note I managed a silver, two silver with distinctions and a gold for my entries to this years APPA awards. I was blown away when the call came from Tommy Putt saying I was a bastard, not only that, I got my first iphone today. Man that Apple shop in Sydney is very cool.

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  1. ryanepstein says:

    The sydney apple store is VERY cool!
    Nice video!

  2. mervfrench says:

    Congratulations on the wins mate, well done.

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Congrats on the placings, good work.

  4. Great video. Glad to see you ventured beyond the carpark. Still reckon you shouldn’t tried some angles from those rocks down below!

    Congrats on your APPA success!

  5. hah looked a bit worried coming down that rope! looks like heaps of fun, Congrats on the awards too!! is there somewhere we can see the photos you entered?

  6. Congrats on the awards this year CF, what images did you submit to win these long overdue awards?

  7. wayte27 says:

    Well done and congrats on the APPA awards.
    Look forward to viewing the winning images in one of 3 West Australian Galleries !

  8. Great news about your APPA awards CF, Congrats and good to see a west ozzy kicking arse as well. Certainly seems like Brents enthusiasm can’t be dampened.

  9. Rod Thomas says:

    Congrats on the awards mate, well deserved. It was great to catch up the other day at PMA… Hope we can do ti again some time, maybe in WA ? Did you notice many people looking at your shirt… it was like an attention magnet

    Congrats again mate, well done !

  10. Congrats on the APPA awards. Video is really good… looking forward to seeing more pictures from the canyon X, should make some excellent seascape shots. Good luck with stitching the waves 🙂

  11. Paul Hoelen says:

    Great to meet you yesterday Chiristian – I enjoyed hanging out. Your brother is pretty cool too. You’ve got me thinking about the bartering photography for travel thing now! Good work at the APPA’s too – you must be stoked…
    That canyon looks sketchy as, but pretty hot for shots. I’m off to the Apple shop myself tomorrow. We can both be iphone wanka’s…

  12. Tim Donnelly says:

    Congrats on the APPA’s indeed! Thats fantastic news for you. Have a good one.

  13. Peter says:

    Great video and get better Brent. I must say you(CF) looked a touch nervous and hesitant down at Canyon X. To go in darkness looks crazy.

    Congrats on the APPA awards. Should be pretty close to winning LPOTY.(I know you like your acronyms)

    Welcome the iphone club. The GPS is quite useful on them. Snap a shot on your iphone and you got a GPS record on your exif.

  14. André says:

    Great to have met you and Michael at PMA and congrats on all the awards, great accomplishment.

    love the video,


  15. mattlauder says:

    Wow a gold well done… congrats.

  16. matthewinman says:

    And for a sheepish image too!

  17. kirkhille says:

    Congrats as well Christian well done

  18. muzz says:

    Great stuff CF, congratulations on your awards – not a surprise to anyone here who follows your work though. I can’t find a link to the images anywhere – anything we’ve seen before? Hey and an iPhone to boot – a day to remember all round. Nice work at Canyon X too – expected Mr Eastway to be hiding in a crevice with a banana peel for you as you passed by 🙂

  19. Christian says:

    thanks everyone for the pat on the back, I finally feel like one of the pros!! I will post the images that won the awards later this week. Canyon X was great, survived it but a change of underwhere was in order. PMA was great fun again. Met some of you guys that post on the blog which was great to put a face to the names. Also had a great light at the book launch of David Oliver and Peter Eastways new book. Was eating dinner on the steps with the one and only Ken Diuncan. He was coughing a bit however so I hope he didn’t have swine flu!!! Met some other top Australian photographers which was fantastic. A full report of all the fun to come.
    oh and Muzz, Peter didn’t throw an old banana peel out but I think he might have wished he had. I did do better in the awards than him!! hehe

  20. islandimages says:

    Well done on the awards Christian!

  21. Luke Austin says:

    Well done with your success at PMA, you must be proud as punch.

  22. Lee Duguid says:

    Well done on the awards!
    I’ll need to get Brent to take me down to Canyon X some day when he returns from the States. It looks pretty hairy and definetly not one to do on your own.


  23. mervfrench says:

    Hey Fletch has the big one been announced, LPOTY.

    I was talking to someone who was there and they said your a shoe in to take the big one.

  24. philback says:

    hey CF congrats on the awards mate nice vid cant wait so see more pics from over east


  25. Yep a big pat on the back from me to mate and great job on the vid Brent.

    Cheers from Hong Kong!


  26. paulie paul says:

    hey dude, after our conversation at PMA i would have expected you to at least taken your shirt of for the camera! couple of manly poses, maybe a flex or two as you climb the cliff. i’m sure you’ve got some female fans too dying for some eye candy…
    great to catch up in Syd and have a few laughs

  27. Sandy says:

    Bloody Hell Chrisitan…I just watched the video! Bugger the awards congratulations on going down the freaky canyon and climbing back up again on a rope that is tied to a stick in the rocks!! I’m terrified of heights (as you can probably tell) so there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of me shooting anything like that. Great effort 🙂

  28. Sean Stak says:

    Fletch it looks like your the new look of the water corporation… got a water brochure in the mail yesterday with your stuff taking up a whole side. As much i wanna ask why a water corperation wants to team up with a landscape photographer, Congrats for taking over WA a little more.

    Great vid BTW

  29. thanks Markie, enjoy the sea trials and the warm weather, are your pics going on your blog?
    Paulie, the eye candy would be too sweet for the average girl so I kept the six pack under wraps. Good to see you in Sydney, all be it for a short time. Your a wanted man!
    Sandy, I was feeling a little wobbly coming back up the rope I can tell you. If Brent says he wants to take you on a shoot make sure your busy!!
    Stakky it is a deal we did last year and goes for 12 months. It means my stuff will be seen by about a million people in WA, if they don’t just throw the stuff in the bin. You also get the chance to win a canvas too. It’s all about branding mate, one day it will be your photos used in a big campaign.
    Merv I didn’t win a major award. All the final results come out on Friday so will be able to see where I’m placed. I can say that the quality of images was breathtaking and a little bit depressing knowing that there are some seriously talented people out there.
    Lee, canyon X is good as long as you don’t look down.!!
    Thanks to everyone for the congratulations it means a lot to get positive feedback from my peers.

  30. Norell Carter says:

    Congratulations on the awards Christian. Your hard work coming to fruition – what an awesome feeling that must be. Your journey down the rock face into the mouth of the ocean looked seriously nerve racking! Hope you had some fun though. And yep, I put my entry into the Water Corp, and keeping my fingers crossed that I win one of your awesome photos on canvas. I have a blank wall that seriously needs a landscape facelift 🙂

  31. muzz says:

    It is quite an achievement to stand out amongst those “breathtaking” images with the awards you’ve won – it can only mean that yours were breathtaking too. You’ll be a Master Photog before you know it! As I heard a kid say today “You da bomb, dog!” 🙂

  32. Tom with the pink feather boa says:

    CF you were more worried about your hair than taking pictures you soft cock!

  33. thanks Norelle, it is great to be judged by your peers and win something.

    Da bomb, I like that Muzz. If I do this well in the next two years of the awards I will get to be known as a Master photographer. Now to get to Peter Eastways level, a Grand Master, that is another story and lots and lots award entries to go!

    Your right Tommy, have you ever looked at yourself with a head torch on, probably not as you are way too concerned about the style of yours and you are a strictly 9 to 5 shooter! Pussey!

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