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Curl Curl Photoshop Tutorial Now Available

15 Jul 2009 at 3:53am

curl curl tb I finally have produced what will be the first of my on-line photoshop tutorials. If your interested to see how I go about getting the images I do this will give you the inside info, only available to a select few. Ok well to the whole world if they want to know. Click the Buy now button and kiss your $12.95 good by!!! Buy Now

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  1. Ric says:

    Yay I was the first one to download the first tutorial!!!

  2. muzz says:

    This tutorial is a work of art – should be a way of signing and numbering it as a limited edition! You make it look easy – I keep forgetting that the first necessity is a great image (or two) to begin with. The only suggestion I can make is to have a little inset webcam video of yourself while you’re working so we can get the whole Fletcher experience! I bought a 1TB external HDD today to make room for the rest of the collection – keep ’em coming.

  3. what I can do mate is have a still image of me on the screen in the background with my finger up my nose and then you will be more inclined to focus on the tutorial. Did you get the subliminal message running through the video…………must buy more of this, must buy more of this!!! Works a treat everytime.

    Ric, congratulations on being the first to download the video, it is a bit like xmas when you get a present that looks good from the outside but leaves you feeling hollow when you open it.

  4. mattlauder says:

    Nice job Fletch. All good techniques applied well to an image. Look forward to seeing some of the panno ones. MUST BUY MORE, MUST BUY MORE.

  5. thanks Matt, good to see the subliminal messages are working!

  6. Absolutely brilliant Christian!!

    If you are a landscape photographer, or an aspiring photographer of any genre there is some fantastic stuff to be learned just from that one tutorial and I know there are many more to come.

    These are going to make our mate Scott Kelby’s podcasts look very amateurish once you get underway with them!!

    For sure a very worthy purchase at the price.

    Well done.


  7. mervfrench says:

    12 bucks wasted…..i want my money back.

    NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION …….. you could do a lot worse than spend money on this download. It is presented in the typical Christian Fletcher easy going laid back style with most things done the way we do it ourselves, nothing to technical and complicated.

    You will find yourself saying ” ah , so thats how you do that ,well thats easy”.

    Thanks Christian….a yep from me.

    ( Can you make my cheque out to cash)

  8. Sean Mcleod says:

    Fantastic tutorial Christian,What a great idea.
    Hope you make many more and reap the rewards.

  9. Sean Stak says:

    neeeugh….. to buy or not to buy…? eerrrgh…. well… ahhh wtf ill buy it next week.

  10. matthewinman says:

    Great tutorial mate and about time too! Must buy the rest… Where’s the iTNFP Desktop? With that as a wallpaper you may sell more shirts! The colour space tip are worth the cost alone, is this replacing LAB Mode edits in your work flow?

  11. thanks guys, LAB is out the door Matthew.

  12. “Fletch TV’ is worth every cent!! I still need to get my head round the holmes profiles and whether this effects your printing etc. Take it you still set your camera in Adobe RGB? Will definitely be investing in the future tutorials!!

  13. Internet purchases are too easy haha Will buy it when i get home, get some more up!!

  14. Mark Temov says:

    Thanks Christian. Well done on yor 1st tutorial and look forward to the next ones. Well worth the cost. Keep them coming. Cheers.

  15. Damo says:

    Great tutorial, thanks Christian

  16. Danny Scott says:

    Hey mate, Ive been waiting for these for ages, defintaly worth the wait. Im looking forward to seeing more. awsome stuff


  17. thanks everyone, I’ll be working on more soon. If you have any questions remember to ask.


  18. Steve says:

    Simple, straightforward, and concise. In other words, the mark of an excellent teacher. Great job mate and I look forward to more. Pretty cool action too (can you send it to me?).


  19. Action on the way Steve, glad you liked the tutorial.

  20. Andrea Marcou says:

    Ta muchly – good no-nonsense stuff. Be grateful if you could send the action pls.



  21. brentbat says:

    Hey Christian

    Good tutorial, well done.

    Quick question on the Holmes colour spaces. When you do your raw conversion, I assume you are converting to Prophoto colour space.

    It wasn’t clear from your tutorial whether you then convert or assign the Holmes colour space. I like the chromatic variations a lot. I remember you mentioning the Holmes colour space to me when we were shooting.


  22. yeah convert the image to prophoto in camera RAW then when it goes to open in photoshop I convert it to DCam 3. Good to see you home in one piece Brent.

  23. Pille says:

    Thanks for tutorial, Christian, that was great!
    From the next tutorials I’d be highly interested in printing – which printers, which paper and technology and so on you use. I’ve been having some trouble getting good quality prints. I saw some of your prints in Margaret River and they just kicked ass.

  24. Peter Nicholls says:

    Christian, I noticed while looking at your site last night (if i read it right)that you are that you are doing a workshop at Karijini in 2010 if so we would like to know more about it such as price etc.
    Me and my partner were there last year in July and was thinking of going again next year so learning how to get great shots instead of alright ones would be great.
    thanks Peter.

  25. Christian,
    Great tutorial. I live in your gallery when im in Dunsborough, and living around the corner form Curl Curl, I had to get the tutorial. Money well spent – very insightful. Do you do photo expeditions / courses, ala Ken Duncan?

  26. Hi Tom

    You live in a great part of the country. The northern beaches are spectacular. I am running workshops all the time. I will put you on my mailing list and let you know what is coming up. Cheers

  27. Christian,
    Good to see you running online tutorials like this. Although I’m lightroom user (not full blown photoshop), this was a great insight. I would be very interested in a tutorial where you cover your workflow for some of you full sun beach scenes. I love the intense colors you achieve, but when I have tried myself, they nevr quite look right.

    Tony K

  28. Will put something like that together Anthony as I have had other requests about the same thing. Thanks for tuning in.

  29. very nice, thank’s 🙂

  30. Luke says:

    Are you doing any more tutorials??? I know you have done at least one other but are you doing any more?

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