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Anyone want to buy this?

22 Jul 2009 at 6:37am

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This is a property I photographed yesterday for a guy in Margaret River. I think it is for sale for 1.2 mil but don’t quote me on that. This creek runs right through it so this would be yours to do whatever with. Stunning property and you would never know it was there as it is on private property. If you want to buy it let me know so I can extract a spotters fee from the agent!! haha as if!!

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  1. dave bettini says:

    It seems that you do a lot for beer these days. So I’ll start the bidding with a carton of your favourite.

  2. mervfrench says:

    Looks like a great spot for a successful artistic landscape photographer to build a rammed earth house and retire.

  3. matthewinman says:

    iTNFP Real Estate? If I win Lotto on the weekend I’ll be in contact. I’ll also be in contact with Kevin McCloud @ Grand Designs, I feel a hay bale – timber framed home comming on!

  4. Tommy P says:

    I’d buy it but the photos look shit!

  5. David I don’t mind James Squires Golden Ale,, yummy

    Merv do you know any??

    Sounds like a plan Matt, my wife loves grand designs!

    Tommy , tommy, tommy, you have a problem spotting quality don’t you. Probably why you struggle with your manhood! Hows the pink boa!

  6. James says:

    I’d settle for the photo, a limited edition print of 1 from Christian Fletcher, I can only guess what that would be worth 🙂

  7. mattlauder says:

    I hope that 1.2 million includes the photographers bill to shoot his property. Sure beats the crap real estate shots you see taken on a point and shoot with white skys.

  8. Haydn says:

    1.2m for a photograph, thats a bit pricey. JJ. Agree that its alot better than the standard real estate photos

  9. Sean Stak says:

    hey yeah sure why not? 1.2 mil thats nothing im sure i have that in cash in my pocket right now…

    In reality, thats a sweet property, but it WOULD ruin my plans to live on a vineyard just out of iceland for a never ending sunset… if thats possible anyway.

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