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Hot nikon news

26 Aug 2009 at 12:25pm

I type this from my death bed. Don’t worry no need to send get well gifts but the gallery will accept them.

I am privy to some pretty cool news for Nikon users, that cool in fact that I might have lots of Canon gear going cheap. Can’t spread the news yet but let’s just say it will be tipping the scales in nikons favour.

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True North Mark in action

24 Aug 2009 at 8:28am


Here is a couple of pics of Markie Mark, getting wet all in the name of photography. He managed to get soaked by a wave standing on the top of this cliff face, just a big further back and then got the bottom half wet on the beach. Later that day he walked 12kms in bare feet at Lamington National Park and then topped it off with a shower under a raging waterfall in Springbrook NP. The guy is a water rat!! I didn’t get a drop on me!!! Land lover!!!

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Photography conference in Perth

21 Aug 2009 at 6:52am


Click the above link to open a pdf on a conference that is coming up in Perth in September. I am one of the keynote speakers along with three other top Australian photographers. If you want a cool day out that will teach you some great stuff and get you enthusiastic about photography don’t miss it. You can book by calling Paul at Fitzgeralds. See you there with your TNFP shirts on.

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Melbourne City Tutorial

20 Aug 2009 at 3:51am


This is my latest tutorial with some pretty cool techniques for creating stylized images from a boring old blue sky. I have been asked many times how I do this, if you look back on my Christian Fletcher blog you will see images that look like they were taken at night but in fact were shot in the middle of the day, this is the technique I use to get that look. You can purchase this tutorial for $12.95. Buy Now

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A Bridge Too Far

19 Aug 2009 at 5:59am

melb bridge

I loved this bridge, it is so bold and typical of the cool things they do in Melbourne. Who is running our city, and why is it so plain??? The morning was cold and foggy and I had two dodgy characters checking me out as I took this pic. Made me realize I was in a big city, in a dodgy area and that I was probably stupid for wandering around. This is gang heartland after all, underbelly style!! Luckily it was too cold to hang around for too long so I jumped back in my awesome Hyundi Getz hire car and zoomed off. I’m into white skys at the moment. Something about the simplicity and cleanness, a bit like Tommy P’s mind!!!

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Melbourne on a Clear day

18 Aug 2009 at 8:49am


Had some fantastic weather in Melbourne on the day of the Jetstar photo comp judging. I managed some time in the arvo to walk around the city with the trusty 5D2. Some cool stuff in this city. More interesting than Perth. Lots of great architecture and sculptures, not to mention cool buildings like these. I was lucky enough to get some fluffy clouds to liven up the skys. Love walk arounds like this. Almost as much as shooting from the car window. Not a tripod in sight, no camera bag, just me, the camera and a donut!!! Ok there wasn’t a donut, but thinking back now I wish there was!!

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Heading to Melbourne tonight

11 Aug 2009 at 3:09pm

Hi all, I am typing this from the airport, heading to Melbourne to judge the Jetstar Photo comp. I noticed a few familiar photos show up in the 10,700 I had to sort through, yes thats right, 10,700 entered in the landscape category. Chances of winning are still pretty good though as 99% were just appalling. I tell you if I see another sunset or pic of Phi Phi island I am going to shoot myself, and I don’t mean with a dslr.

Got the red eye flight to arrive in the early morning in Melbourne. Front row seats too I must say, shame they don’t have a business class. So here I am looking around for anyone showing symptoms of Swine Flu. A guy just sat down next to me coughing his guts up. I mean dude, go die somewhere else please, I bet he is next to me on the plane. School groups and sporting teams are others you need to watch out for, they are breeding grounds for disease. After coming back from Port Hedland last weekend with some strange lurgy I don’t want a repeat performance. People be warned you are on notice, sneeze in my general direction and you will receive a very stern look, stay away you festering germs!!!

Speaking of festering germs, I will be taking Tommy P out for a shoot tomorrow, heading to Phillip island for a sunset shoot. Cape Woolami or something like that. Looks pretty spectacular. If your in the area drop in. Tony your close by aren’t you??

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